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GASP Simulation Software uses a tree-based GUI, Chimera overlapping grid system, six DOF motion modeling, finite rate chemistry, and non-equilibrium thermodynamics to create accurate and elegant solutions. Its models of vibratory energy and motion, graphical interface, and parallel computing capabilities make it a popular choice for many. Request GASP Pricing to get more information.


GASP Simulation Software is a structured/unstructured multi-block CFD flow solver used to solve steady and unsteady 3D, Reynolds-averaged, heat conduction equations for solid bodies, and Navier-Stokes equations (RANS) and its subsets. Its wide-ranging features can potentially be applied to the study of launch vehicles, rocket nozzles, stage separation, high-speed trains, and other automobiles.

GASP Pricing

Extensive details on GASP pricing can be found out by contacting Aerosoft via their official website. The GASP pricing categories are as follows.

  • Domestic Commercial – For use by American citizens within the United States only.
  • Export Commercial – For non-US companies, export licenses can be obtained after proper paperwork.
  • Government – A discounted version is available for US government applications.
  • Academic – A 2 seat floating license is provided at an extreme discount for academic purposes.


GASP Simulation Software currently offers a 60-day free trial license of GASP Version 5 within the US. It also holds semi-annual training classes on-site for new users.



Physics Modeling
  • Generate models for a wide array of subjects including thermodynamics, thermochemistry, fluxes, two-phase flow, turbulence, and mechanical stress.
  • Execute post-processing at the end of the CFD run automatically.
  • Compute integrated quantities using the simplified user interface with the ‘lift and drag’ feature.

Temporal Accuracy

  • Create time accurate flows using the explicit Runge-Kutta option.
  • Create time-dependent free stream conditions that can be applied to any boundary condition.

Motion Modeling

  • Utilize six DOF models and constrained motion databases to create kinematic models.
  • Automate Chimera calculations between time steps to increase speed and efficiency of operation.

Time Integration

  • Improve computational efficiency by uncoupling all systems including turbulence and chemistry systems.
  • Integrate with Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (PETSc) Library.

Graphic User Interfaces

  • Organize your models and related work using extensive tab sheets and tables.
  • Integrate all GUI interfaces into a single application including both pre as well as post-processing.


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GASP Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“Reliability of Software”

The quality and accuracy of the results produced by GASP is directly comparable to manually generated mathematical models.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Excellent Software for Specific Applications”

GASP is tailor made for specific applications in automobile, aerospace, and defense industries which require a multi-block CFD flow solver for models of aircrafts, combustors, re-entry vehicles etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What operating system does GASP support?

Details will be updated soon

Does it provide a training and support?

It provides online technical support

Who are the typical users of GASP?

The software is generally used by SMEs,and Enterprises.

What is its mode of deployment?

Details will be updated soon

What are the key features of GASP?

Key features offered are-

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