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One of the features that make SLM different is the ability to define scenarios based on the best practices of the enterprise, thus enabling the users to create more organization-specific simulation templates. Moreover, Live Simulation Review and Model Editor also help the users to work collaboratively on the simulation.

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Simulia Simulation Life Cycle Management or SLM is a comprehensive portfolio of software tools that can enable enterprises to enhance product quality by leveraging advanced simulation solutions with complete traceability. SLM Simulation Software reduces the complexities of recording and executing the standard simulation methods and best practices, thus accelerating decision-making through collaboration. SLM Simulation Software also helps its users to store, search and avail the simulation data securely and quickly to speed up product development. 


SLM Features 

  • Scenario Definition
    • Create and Deploy standard simulation templates based on the best practices of the organization
    • Leverage input traceability between design and simulation to reduce costs due to the simulation re-work.


  • Automation and Execution of Simulations
    • Decrease the cycle time through automation by running man-in-loop and ad-hoc analysis directly 
    • Perform simulations directly without the need to go into the main application


  • Collaboration on Simulation Results
    • Speed up the process of decision making by sharing simulation across the enterprise with 3D visualization capabilities
    • Conduct reviews of the simulation methods by sharing the analysis results with experts


  • Enterprise Business Process Integration
    • Integrate simulation processes with the organization’s projects to improve efficiency and productivity
    • Incorporate simulation solutions within the multi-site enterprise infrastructure to improve the IP security


  • Secured Simulation IP
    • Enhance the adherence of the organization’s regulations and protocols with the traceability features
    • Ensure better administration and security of the simulation IP with the functionalities to control access


SLM Simulation Software Pricing

The details of SLM Pricing can be availed by requesting a quote on Simulia’s website. The SLM pricing will depend on the number of users and requirements of the enterprise, wishing to purchase the software package.

SLM  Simulation Software Demo 


Simulia offers a demo of the SLM to let the users get some experience of using its features. The interested users can make a request for the demo on Simulia’s website.



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  • +5
    Remote Support
  • +7
    3D Modeling
  • +13
  • +12
    Customer support service
  • +10
    Design Analysis
  • +12
    Dynamic Modeling
  • +11
    Response Management
  • +8
    AI/Machine Learning
  • +5
    Image Segmentation
  • +11
    Modeling & Simulation
  • +13
    Custom Dashboards
  • +12
    Automated Scheduling
  • +14
    Change Management
  • +7
    What-if Analysis
  • +6
    2D Drawing
  • +7
  • +12
    Web App Development
  • +10
  • +9
  • +6
    On-Site Support
  • -8
    Agent-Based Modeling
  • -14
    Business Process Control
  • -5
    Compliance Management
  • -9
    Continuous Modeling
  • -11
    Discrete Event Modeling
  • -13
    Graphical Modeling
  • -6
    IT Risk Management
  • -7
    Legal Risk Management
  • -8
    Mobile Access
  • -14
    Monte Carlo Simulation
  • -9
    Operational Risk Management
  • -5
    Presentation Tools
  • -10
    Reputational Risk Management
  • -13
    Training and development
  • -14
    Convolutional Neural Networks
  • -9
    Data Mining
  • -10
    Demand Forecasting
  • -6
    Model Training
  • -7

SLM Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“SLM Enables Collaboration”

SLM helps in working on and reviewing the simulations collaboratively, thus making the decision-making process seamless and quicker.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Storage of Large Simulation Data”

SLM provides greater efficiency in terms of storing a large amount of simulation data and managing the simulation life cycle.
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