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ABB Smart Building Solutions
Zurich, Switzerland
$10BN to $50BN
75 Buyers are Negotiating "Group Buyer Deal"

ABB Smart Building Solutions USP

ABB offers a wide range of products and services under the home and building automation segment, which includes door entry systems, [email protected], and ABB-i-bus KNX. These systems use open standards to install and control building efficiency solutions. The company is determined to provide innovative circuit solutions for HVDC (Heating, Ventilation, and Direct Current) and is focusing on interconnectivity between grids related to direct power transmission. This will help in increasing the speed of the deployed energy. The company also focuses on the development of high-quality innovative products for better customer satisfaction. Request ABB Smart Building Solutions Pricing to get more information.


ABB is a prominent player in engineering, power, automation solutions, and services sectors. ABB has 5 major business divisions, which are power grids, electrification products, discrete automation & motion, process automation, and corporate & others. ABB Smart Building Solutions provides intelligent solutions in home and building automation, electricity grid, water transportation, and district heating and cooling. The company also serves varied business sectors, such as automotive, buildings & infrastructure, food & beverages, chemical, energy efficiency, oil & gas, railways, water, wind power, and life sciences.


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“I am looking for a Smart Building Solutions in north America. My budget is $50,000. Looking to buy in 15 days.”
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ABB Smart Building Solutions
75 Buyers Negotiating
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