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IBM CORPORATION in Smart Gas Solutions


The products offered by IBM for smart gas market signifies the strengths such as operational excellence, reduced operational costs, increased agility and reliability and high customer satisfaction. However, the company majorly focuses on industrial and commercial facilities for smart gas market.


IBM offers a wide range of products pertaining to the technology domain. Innovation has been a key aspect of IBM’s strategy in product development. IBM offers solutions catering to energy & utility (electric, gas, water) industry vertical, which includes grid operations, smart metering, customer experience & engagement, customer systems, asset & workforce management, and enterprise service transformation. The company has developed expertise in their solutions, pertaining to utility and energy industry vertical by offering energy integrator for delivering safe, reliable, and secure energy service, customer engagement for increasing satisfaction, collaboration, and loyalty among their customers and innovation for analytics-rich offerings to achieve operational excellence.

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  • On-Site Support
  • Remote Support
  • Built-in standards support for ICCP
  • Consulting
  • Directly
  • Hosted / On-Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Support and Maintenance
  • System Integration and Deployment
  • Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • Alarm and event notifications
  • Full Time Equivalent
  • Per User / Device Basis
  • Subscription / Licensing
  • Enterprise asset management (eAM) for gas utilities
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • CIS Interface
  • Network Monitoring
  • Others, please specify
  • AMI Meters
  • AMR Meters
  • Managed Services
  • VEE: validation, estimation & editing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Others (billing and subscription)
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  • Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
  • Products/Solutions Offered
  • Functionalities gap in the solution
  • Analytics
  • Delivery
  • meter data management
  • mobile workforce Management
  • Network Management
  • Product Features and Functionality
  • Security
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IBM CORPORATION Presence in Smart Gas Solutions
IBM has emphasized on tapping into the opportunities in analytics through product development, in order to meet the business needs across different industry verticals. For instance, IBM has entered into a partnership agreement with PPL Corporation to predict which customers would cater to which energy usage group by gaining insight from 32-terabytes of data across 1.5 million smart meters, every 15 minutes. PPL Corporation, an energy company, and IBM collaborated to build the IBM Data Model for energy and utilities. Furthermore, IBM focused on inorganic growth strategy through partnerships and collaborations with technology partners, to strengthen its capabilities in IoT for real-time monitoring. For instance, IBM and Edelia, a provider of services for remote measurement and management of energy consumption (electricity, water, gas, and renewables), launched a solution that assists consumers and operators on remote communication and monitoring of consumer energy consumption.


#1 Product Features and Functionality / Product Features
#2 Services / Consulting
#3 Type of Smart Gas Solutions / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
#4 Type of Smart Gas Solutions / Enterprise asset management (eAM) for gas utilities
#5 Type of Smart Gas Solutions / Analytics


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