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Silver Spring Networks, Inc. offers smart gas solutions under its smart utilities solution segment. These solutions include advanced metering, analytics, customer education & engagement, demand side management, and distributed energy resources. In addition to that, the company also offers intelligent devices such as metering devices and network devices. The integration of solution and devices are backed by company’s technology such as SilverLink network platform, SilverLink control platform, SilverLink data platform, SolverLink applications, SilverLink services, open standards, and security. Furthermore, the company also offers services including business system integration, installation support, monitoring & maintenance, and training. Request SILVERS SPRING NETWORKS INC Pricing to get more information.


Silver Spring Networks has developed a comprehensive smart utility networking and communications portfolio with the combined effort of R&D and collaborations with other utility players to offer integrated networking solutions. Silver Spring specializes in providing strong networking solutions for utilities. Furthermore, the company also offers multi-application (Gas, Water, and Electricity) network platform which significantly increase the strengths of the company’s overall offerings. However, the company majorly generates revenue from U.S. and Australia for overall product portfolio.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +12 AMI Meters
  • +7 On-Site Support
  • +8 Remote Support
  • +14 Built-in standards support for ICCP
  • +7 Consulting
  • +5 Directly
  • +11 Hosted / On-Cloud
  • +10 On-Premise
  • +9 Support and Maintenance
  • +8 System Integration and Deployment
  • +6 Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • +13 Alarm and event notifications
  • +12 Full Time Equivalent
  • +14 Per User / Device Basis
  • +13 Subscription / Licensing
  • +10 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • +8 Network Monitoring
  • +9 Others, please specify
  • +9 meter data management
  • +14 Remote Monitoring
  • -14 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -6 Delivery
  • -14 Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
  • -5 Product Features and Functionality
  • -7 Support and Services
  • -11 AMR Meters
  • -9 Functionalities gap in the solution
  • -14 Products/Solutions Offered
  • -10 Managed Services
  • -5 Predictive and preventive maintenance
  • -6 VEE: validation, estimation & editing
  • -7 Enterprise asset management (eAM) for gas utilities
  • -7 CIS Interface
  • -8 Analytics
  • -13 mobile workforce Management
  • -12 Network Management
  • -6 Others (billing and subscription)
  • -5 Outage management
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SILVERS SPRING NETWORKS INC presence in Smart Gas Solutions

Silver Spring Networks is among the leading providers of solutions, platforms, and services for utility infrastructure. The company largely focuses on providing clean, energy-efficient, and scalable solutions for complex IoT infrastructure. With regards to this, the company is extensively engaged in strategic partnerships and has a dedicated Silver Spring Global IoT Partner Program in order to create the most innovative and standard-based network for connected devices. Silver Spring Networks has dedicated partners for advanced metering, demand-response management, and distribution management. Some of their partners include Schneider Electric, General Electric, Landis+Gyr, Agnito, and Itron wherein they innovate solutions for AMI. Furthermore, the company faces direct competition from Echelon Corporation, Elster Group, Itron, and Landis+Gyr. Silver Spring Networks is planning to increase its global coverage by moving into the European and Asian markets. The company is also working on broadening their product and service offerings by increasing their R&D spending. The company had spent almost one-third of the total revenue over the R&D. The company has adopted organic growth strategies for developing their offerings for smart grid networking by collaborating with other smart grid players such as GridSense Inc., Smarter Grid Solutions, and eMeter.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Product Features
  2. Type of Smart Gas Solutions / meter data management
  3. Services / System Integration and Deployment
  4. Type of Smart Gas Solutions / Security
  5. Type of Smart Gas Solutions / Remote Monitoring
  6. Services / Consulting
  7. Type of Smart Gas Solutions / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  8. Services / Support and Maintenance
  9. Smart gas devices / AMI Meters
  10. Product Features / Alarm and event notifications