• Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • 2004
Company Overview
Route Mobile Limited is one of the global providers of communication services to telecom operators and enterprise customers. Route Mobile has been an established player and a globally renowned vendor for providing messaging and voice Application Programming Interface (API) solutions. The company offers communication services and solutions to enterprises, OTTs, MNOs, resellers, and other SMS aggregators, all across the globe. Moreover, the company also specializes in Short Message Service Center (SMSC) solution, SMS firewall, cloud SMSC platform, wholesale SMS, SMPP protocol solution, voice solution, and Home Location Register (HLR) solutions.

Route Mobile offers messaging and voice API solution for enterprises; SMS and voice solution for wholesale customers; and SMS firewall and SMS hubbing solution for mobile operators. The SMS firewall solution helps mobile operators secure the mobile network by reducing the illicit SMS traffic. Route Mobile's SMS firewall offers traffic monitoring, content filtering, Global Title (GT) blocking, and International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) filtering. It also has the capability to block messages generated from unidentified sources. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of managed services, such as firewall configuration and management, monitoring and vigilance, and filtering policies. The managed services ensure proper monitoring, configuration, and management of the SMS firewall system, based on the mobile operator's requirement.

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