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SAP offers an umbrella of products and services for various industries. It provides a cloud-based SMS firewall solution for telecom operators. SAP offers this solution under its mobile services solution segment. The SMS firewall enhances the experience of telecom operators by blocking and detecting the unwanted SMS traffic. This is expected to help MNOS improve the network bandwidth with low operational costs and a faster time-to-market. The solution applies the filtering method to identify and detect illicit SMS traffic. It has an in-built feature to combat SMS flooding, spoofing, and SMS farms. SMS firewall 365 benefits telecom operators, in terms of customer experience, revenue gain, flexibility of cloud, and a lower CAPEX. Request SAP Pricing to get more information.


SAP is a one of the global leaders in enterprise application and analytics software, in terms of market share. It is also a market leader in digital commerce. SAP's main business segments include applications, technology and services, and the SAP business network. The applications, and technology and services segment is related to the sale of software licenses, subscriptions to its cloud applications, and related services. SAP's business network segment includes its cloud-based collaborative business network and related services, including cloud applications, professional services, and educational services. The company offers solutions covering various lines of businesses, including asset management, commerce, finance, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and services. The company caters to various industries, such as consumers, chemicals, telecommunication, utilities, banking, healthcare, retail, automotive, financial services, and public services.


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