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TWILIO Overview

Twilio is one of the leading mobile operators in Sweden. Twilio provides A2P SMS messaging solutions for enterprises and MNOs. The company has a decade's experience in offering solutions to mobile operators and enterprises. It has also developed an in-house API platform for driving mobile operators' traffic at lower costs. It has its footprint in Brazil, Greece, Spain, the UK, and the US. It has been accredited by the Swedish Telecom Regulatory Authority and is an active member of the GSMA, as well.


Twilio delivers a set of products for telecom operators, including the SMS filter, white label A2P, and SMS strategy. The company also offers consulting services, with support for voice and chat solutions. Twilio's SMS filter has capabilities to monitor, detect, and block illegitimate SMS, and is expected to help operators regain their SMS revenues. The SMS filter captures all the international and national SMS traffic. In addition, the company also offers managed enterprise SMS services for business customers. SMS filter can be extended to SMS home routing, SS7 firewall, and roaming steering solutions. This is likely to ensure safe delivery of SMS, avoid SMS flooding, and protect the privacy of mobile subscribers.

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