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Tyntec offers an array of products and solutions for telecom operators and enterprise customers. Under the enterprises segment, the company offers mobiledesk and alerts, customer data validation, app distribution, mobile marketing campaigns, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) integration, secure employees access, and OTT interoperability solutions. Under the telecom operators segment, it helps mobile operators leverage the enterprise application and OTT services, thereby improving the network coverage without any complexity. The segment comprises A2P direct channel, SMS firewall, inter carrier messaging, and A2P messaging gateway. tyntec plays a key role in the SMS firewall market, its SMS firewall solutions use analytics tools and a powerful rule engine to protect the SMS traffic from spams. tyntec's SMS firewall features include network security solution, real-time alerts, subscriber data privacy, and phone verification lookups. The company also provides tailored solutions for telecom operators according to their requirements. tyntec's SMS firewall helps telecom operators control unwanted SMS traffic and secure the network from malicious attacks, such as grey route, faking, and flooding. Request TYNTEC Pricing to get more information.


Tyntec is a cloud communication company, engaged in providing an array of communication services to enterprise customers and telecom operators. It is a privately held company, which offers a wide range of products, such as messaging, voice, numbers, number information services, and operator services. The company has a strong product portfolio for operators, such as A2P messaging, phone number virtualization, enterprise messaging services, P2P messaging, and cloud messaging platform for operators. It is also an active member of the GSMA and ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T); the key industry associations in the telecom sector.


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