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Coupa Spend Analysis Software using its cloud-based platform, which connects more than 530 organizations to more than 2 million suppliers, globally. The company caters to verticals, such as the BFSI, food and beverage, healthcare, oil and gas, retail and technology. The company launched Coupa Payments to digitize supplier payments and enable automatic payment processes, which help create a satisfied customer base and increase their chances of extending the subscriptions.

Coupa Spend Analysis Software provides a cloud-based spend management platform, comprising the procurement, invoicing, and expense management modules, which together form the transactional engine and help capture the company's spend, under management. The platform also includes supporting modules, such as sourcing, analytics, contract management, supplier management, inventory management, and storefront, which help companies manage their spend transactions efficiently. Coupa Spend Analysis is highly integrated, with a broad range of capabilities, which would otherwise require the purchase of various applications. Moreover, it is user-friendly and reduces the complexity by providing a mobile-enabled internet-like experience to the consumer, by which, users across the entire organization as well as suppliers can use it. Dashboards and reports can be delivered in real-time, thus helping companies identify problems and making better spend decisions. Coupa provides professional services, such as implementation, which helps organizations in using Coupa's spend management platform more efficiently. Coupa Spend Analysis Software also provides supplier enablement service, by which, companies can get suppliers onboard, without much effort.

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