Company Overview
The RAPid platform comes with a number of pre-built analytical solutions, such as spend analytics, people analytics, forensics analytics, expense analytics, and supplier performance management. Rosslyn Spend Analysis mainly caters to the verticals of marketing, BFSI, and sales.

  • Rapid platform uses advanced machine learning techniques.
  • It enables to add more data soures for deeper insights.
  • It manages contract compliance in real time.
  • It mitigates supply chain risks.
  • It monitors supplier performance and improves cash flow.

Rosslyn Data Technologies plc provides a single platform to conduct detailed spend analysis, manage contracts, monitor supplier performance, and identify supply chain risks. Rosslyn Spend Analysis makes use of patent pending technologies built into the RAPid platform, to integrate, cleanse, and enrich raw data, so that it is always ready for analysis. 

Evaluated against 129 key buying criteria
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