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  • 1976
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SAS Institute deals with analytics, business intelligence, and data management software and services. SAS Spend Analysis offers products and solutions, including cloud analytics, in-memory analytics, decision management, fraud and security intelligence, supply chain intelligence, customer intelligence, data performance management, and risk management. It caters to many verticals, such as the BFSI, automotive, consumer goods, defense and security, capital markets, casinos, communications, government, healthcare, health insurance, and high-tech manufacturing.

SAS Institute offers SAS Spend Analysis as its product offering to the spend and procurement analytics market. SAS Spend analysis is one of the integral components of SAS SRM, an integrated set of data management and analytic applications that help organizations gain greater insights into all aspects of the procurement activity, leading to more effective strategic sourcing decisions. Difficulties reducing the procurement spend can often be traced to a lack of visibility across suppliers and commodities. SAS Spend Analysis provides a lower and upper boundary criterion for each evaluation, which can be adjusted dynamically unlike the fixed weights used in a traditional weighted averages method. This helps reduce the total spend and supplier risk, and allows organizations to determine which suppliers are best suited for their company's needs. Procuring data visibility, maintaining data quality, best practice reports for identifying cost-saving opportunities, and supplier rankings based on user-specific criterion are some of the features of the SAS Spend Analysis. SAS Sourcing Strategy is available as an add-on to SAS Spend Analysis, enabling users to create user-defined business rules for narrowing down the ordered list of suppliers and recommending the best way to achieve the procurement goals. SAS provides a single-user license or mid-sized business solutions for its client's organization.

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