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EViews statistical analysis software USP is its statistics and data handling. The software offers a wide range of operators and performs mathematical, date and string functions easily. Multi-page work profiles can be created. Processing on subsets of data is facilitated by samples and sample objects. EViews pricing is also dynamic depending upon user needs Request eviews Pricing to get more information.


EViews statistical analysis software is for businesses, academic researchers, government agencies etc. It provides the users’ access to statistical, modelling and forecasting tools. Mixed frequency data can be easily organised and there is provision for convenient conversion of data from one frequency to another. EViews can be used on any Windows operated desktop.

EViews Pricing

EViews pricing model consists of 2 plans. The commercial pricing for single users costs $1650 for a standard licence and $1995 for an enterprise licence. The academic EViews pricing plan only has the option of an enterprise licence which costs $590. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For the best EViews pricing plans, contact the vendor.

EViews Demo

EViews statistical analysis software provides a free demo copy of its software to all the users. The only step to avail the demo is registering with the website. The demo works for 30 days only after which the user can decide to buy the software after deciding on the appropriate pricing plan.

EViews Features

The key features which prove the efficiency of EViews are:

Handling dates and time-series data
  • High-frequency data is supported and it also allows hours, minutes and seconds frequencies.
  • There are built-in tools for whitening regression.

Graphs, maps and tables
  • The summary graphs and categorical graphs are easy-to-use.
  • If the cursor is placed on any point in the graph, information and value is displayed.

Exogenous and endogenous variables
  • A user-specified target is achieved by the endogenous variable through solving control problems.
  • The dependency structure of exogenous and endogenous variables can be displayed.

Coefficient diagnostics
  • Standardized coefficient and non-coefficient elasticities
  • There are Wald tests for linear and nonlinear coefficient restrictions.



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    Data Visualization
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    Risk Data Attributes
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    Survival Analysis
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    Artificial Neural Networks
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    Data Ingestion & Wrangling
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    Data Preparation
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    Deep Learning
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    Drag and Drop Interface
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    Hypothesis Testing
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    Language Support
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    Live Support Chat
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    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
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    Model Training
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    Pre-Built Algorithms
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    Statistical Modeling
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    System Integration
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    ANOVA Support
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    Cloud, Web-based, SaaS
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    Data Sampling
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    Quality Control
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    Time Series Analysis
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    Cost Analysis
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eviews Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

May 11, 2020

“The best statistical and modelling tool”

It enables the users to drop files for automatic conversion. The files can be linked with foreign data in the workfile format. There are powerful tools for resampling and random number simulation. There are tools that enable the creation of new workfile pages from dates and values in existing series.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 11, 2020

“Successful platform”

It helps to manage data, perform econometric and statistical analysis quickly and efficiently. High-quality graphs and tables can be produced for other applications. Model simulations are possible. These are the best solutions of this app. The extensive library feature is very useful for research because there are mathematical, date and statistical functions.
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