Best Study Tools

Best Study tools offer solutions for teachers and students to train for studies and examinations. This covers everything that makes people train for structured tests, from flashcards to vocabulary. There are portable tools found on blogs, smartphone apps, or software accessible for download. Best Study Tools allow teachers to cater to various ways of learning, encouraging students to learn in a way that fits for them. To personalise courses for each particular student, certain research tools employ adaptive learning. Research instruments are not restricted to particular subjects and are frequently used outside a typical academic setting, although these are still used to complement their classes by educators in classrooms.

Top 10 Study Tools

  1. Quizlet
  2. Kahoot!
  3. Alta
  4. Magoosh
  5. McGraw-Hill Connect
  6. Shmoop
  7. Course Hero
  8. EdPuzzle
  9. Cram
  10. Anki

Quizlet lets students practise and master everything they are studying (and their teachers). Scanning a repository for hundreds of topics with millions of pre-created research sets, or constructs their own unique study sets. Quizlet also saves time for students and instructors by offering multiple opportunities to analyse content from flashcards and timed exercises, adaptive questions, and practise exercises that can be used in or outside the school for effective practitioners or group learning. To make learning fun and successful for a new age of learners, Quizlet uses modern teaching tools such as text-to-speech audio, images, immersive graphs and progress monitoring. Quizlet makes learning open to learners no matter where they will be, with a platform and smartphone applications for iOS and Android. Quizlet Live, a team-based practice activity that educators can use in the school, encourages learners to acquire soft skills such as listening and hard skills such as the acquisition of words. Read More

Kahoot! for organisations of any scale, enhances seminars, preparation, and activities with dedication. Via Kahoot! Within moments, everyone can build and offer exciting educational experiences-known as kahoots-on any subject. Questions appear on even a virtual monitor to manage a live Kahoot - a wide screen in a house or on a video call via screen sharing. Through inserting a special PIN in their own window, or the Kahoot!, attendees enter a live Kahoot! Application, and present their replies. Or, delegate self-paced kahoots, seen on the participant’s computer with questions and answers. Read More

Alta is the newest higher education offering by Knewton. Alta is a full courseware approach that integrates the expertly developed adaptive learning technology from Knewton with high-quality material that is freely available to offer a customised learning environment that is inexpensive, usable and enhances student performance. Each Alta package provides all of the instructional material required for a course, including text and video, examples and evaluations. Alta is now available in algebra, statistics, economics and chemistry in some classes. All adaptive learning products from Alta feature safe and turnkey integration with every learning management system and comply with usability requirements from WCAG 2.0 ADA. Alta is an interactive learning course tool that is entirely implemented. Users will get them all with text and video guidance, immersive learning materials, assessments and assignments. One can review progress, access assistance 24/7, and even use the tool from the phone. Read More

For teachers, Magoosh is an examination planning and therapy tool. Centred in California, the app offers music and video tutorials, sample question types, and strategic review guidance, namely GRE, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, and much more. Magoosh tries to transform schooling and learning into a fun and constructive activity. Magoosh’s key USPs includes the number of research materials available to students and the versatility that students can tailor according to their tastes in the study schedule. Magoosh also includes a segment for progress analysis that helps participants to monitor their success and learn from their errors. Pricing at Magoosh is also reasonable. Read More

McGraw-Hill Connect is a comprehensive set of tools of educational aids intended to maximise the ability of a diverse student body with the versatility teachers require. For both summative and formative measurement, Connect offers resources. The adaptive technology offers a safe space for learners to make errors that promote intentional practise and allow them to move one step closer to mastery. Connect can grade homework and quizzes immediately, supplying you with assessments that are easy to read so you know which students need further feedback. Inside Link, to easily determine if students are studying critical course material, users can build assignments and run reports. Read More

Shmoop is an organisation of school technology products that deliver interactive classroom resources and products to alleviate the burden of the educational environment. The 4 key components of Shmoop benefit grades 6-12 which include Heartbeat, Courses & Material, Exam Preparation, and Interference from The Shmoop. In order to help their education, social-emotional learning, prevention and exam preparation services, more than 6 million monthly users and thousands of schools and districts nationwide use Shmoop. Shmoop's learning strategies are comprehensive, delivering both video-based and textual forms while injecting humour and creativity to drive student interaction. The business has been recognised as offering high quality, entertaining, and cutting-edge multimedia education offerings by a number of educational institutions. Read More

Course Hero is an online education site where over 20 million course-specific study tools contributed by a student and instructor group can be viewed. For any subject they are learning, from economics to literature, genetics to philosophy, accounting to psychology, and all in between, users can learn to practise concerns, practice tests, videos, classroom activities, and step-by-step examples. Students will easily discover the tools they need with Course Hero to support what they're studying in the classroom. In their classes at their schools, they get guidance for their hardest tasks, develop a better understanding of main topics, and prepare for examinations. By learning with Course Hero, students are trained to confidently answer every lesson. Read More

Edpuzzle is a simple-to-use platform that allows everyone, one video at a time, to challenge any participant. Edpuzzle is an organisation with fair benefits that values diversity strongly. To support schools from around the globe, it produces a shared library with the best quality immersive video lessons. Via basic editing instruments and sparkling student info, it unlocks the power of images. The approach is quick-find a video, add questions and allocate it to the class. See as they advance through their learning path and keep them accountable. Provides a dedicated School Performance Manager to assist Edpuzzle & integrate with the LMS onboard teachers. Read More

With, to build their own package, users can use the web-based flashcard builder. If they make the flashcards digitally, they can sample, export or even exchange them with their classmates. The number one instructional platform online is Cram. Cram also has a wide app store so that your Android, iPhone or Windows smartphone can locate other handheld flashcards, enabling you to take your flashcards on the go. When a user makes flashcards, they're going with them! Continuously updating the flashcards will ensure that, with no work needed, users remember more of the knowledge they are learning. Read More

Anki is a programme that makes it simple to recall information. Since it is much more successful than conventional methods of learning, users can either minimise the time spent researching significantly or maximise the amount users learn significantly. Anki will help someone who wants to recall things about their everyday life. The options are infinite, as it is material-agnostic and promotes images, audio, videos and science mark-up (via LaTeX). To keep the cards in sync through various platforms, use the free AnkiWeb synchronisation tool. Read More

Market Overview

Best Study tools may be distributed via the internet or a smartphone as a remote or cloud-based application. In classrooms, teachers can use these materials to make teachers prepare for evaluations or to strengthen significant concepts. Learners can also individually check out these resources for exam training. To aid with the training for examinations, questionnaires, and exams, or for clarification of core ideas, research tools may be combined with other items in the education group. Services in the best study tools market offer opportunities for users to plan for exams, questionnaires, and reviews. This ranges from whole courses targeted at structured exam training to digital notecards for language practice, mathematical computations, or other relevant content on the subject.

The best study tools market has also experienced a certain effect but still retained a reasonably positive growth with the stagnation in global economic growth. For the last couple of decades, the Study Tools industry has registered significant rates of growth with the highest CAGR. As per the research, the demand for study instruments is projected to expand more aggressively during the projected timeline and may also have an increased profit share effect on the global industrial economy. As the rate of growth of the industry is increased by rising commodity demand, rising spending power, creative goods, raw material wealth, and consumer spending technologies, the research tools industry also holds the ability to influence its peers and parent research tools market.

Subsequently, the best Study Tools market discusses critical market segments, including implementations, styles of study tools, approaches, end-users, and areas. It illustrates the relevance and output of each category of Study Tools, taking into account demand, revenue share, growth opportunities and volume of sales. The research also allows customers to reliably assess the market size of best Study Tools to be addressed and to lead them in the selection of profitable markets which will fuel company development in the coming years for forecast assessment. A detailed analysis of the sector, with both qualitative and quantitative data, is offered by the best Study Tools vendor. Based on form and end consumer, it offers a summary and prediction of the global research tools industry.


This section contains information about the competitive leadership mapping and how the vendors are placed on the best study tools quadrant. The parameters are divided into two categories: Product offering and business strategy. Product Offering includes a set of features and functionality, support and services provided and licensing options. Business Strategy includes geographic reach, industries served and partner ecosystem.


The best study tools providers in this category are Quizlet, Kahoot, Alta and Magoosh.


The best study tools providers in this category are Shmoop and EdPuzzle.


The best study tools providers in this category are McGraw-Hill Connect and Course Hero.


The best study tools providers in this category are Cram and Anki.

Market Dynamics

The key factors propelling the growth of the global study tools market over the projected period is the rise in the usage of cloud computing technologies. A cloud-based e-learning infrastructure has lower maintenance costs by encouraging users to view information over the internet, reducing the need to download and install massive applications. Various businesses sell customers accessible multi-language online learning services based on the cloud. A business in the US, Duolingo, provides its customers with a cloud-based e-learning application at an inexpensive price. It provides a number of other languages, including French, Swahili, and German.

The advancement of the best study tools is driven by the increase of technology-enabled education & development. Any of the key innovations used in the e-learning framework include AI technology, AR & VR devices, artificial learning, Big Data, and wearable devices. These innovations allow the sharing and dissemination of innovative and immersive approaches based on educational content by numerous companies and organisations. In the worldwide market for research tools, North America is the biggest shareholder. The opportunity to speed up employees' preparation is the key factor behind the higher acceptance by US businesses of best study tools.

Why Use Study Tools?

Best Study Tools support students. It takes numerous forms. Different online tools, such as immersive graphics and massive internet learning groups, have various features. This versatility makes it easy for consumers to decide what they want to understand and how to understand it.

Desire to understand - This is the clearest explanation for using the methods of analysis. On several topics, they enhance memorization and comprehension.

Assists educators in the class - In the classroom, teachers use multiple research methods. They track and assess the success of students, answer particular questions, and develop tailored plans for learning. Some research instruments also comply with state-specific requirements to help train students on a local level for standardised exams.

Documented classes - One of the great benefits of the best study tools is the documentation of any of the lessons. This implies that users can go back to watch the course again and get the clarification they need if they forget anything, or remember later that they don't completely grasp a specific subject.

Versatile options - We have a range of technologies at our hands these days, and it is extremely relevant when it comes to online tools. Users will be able to try out different programmes and applications they use for various individuals and with various tasks.

Monitored progress - Best study tools not only lets users recognise the advantages and disadvantages using the best study tools; it also encourages the educators to assess the progress. They will have an entire database of all the work that is readily available and they will also be able to track the commitment.

Who Uses Study Tools?

Learners and teachers respectively may use study tools. These are normally used by learners and classroom teachers. These however are open to independent learners as well. For practically anybody, several study tools are available, as they generally do need an email to register.

Teachers - Certain study tools enable educators to communicate with their whole classroom. Teachers may exchange notecards and practice tests with simulated decks or perform an immersive slideshow with students. In tandem with classroom management applications, it is also essential for teachers to use study tools to exchange resources with the whole class.

Learners - Even if the instructor in the school does not use the best study tools, students will pursue tools to complement their studies themselves. Both study tools and apps for review will help learners plan for upcoming exams.

Individual students - In the learning environment, research methods are not limited to persons. For individual learners who want to enhance particular abilities, certain research resources are specially made.

Types of Study Tools

Diverse functions are provided by the best study tools. Specialized study tools and generalized study tools are two different types of study tools.

Specialized Tools - Specialized tools of study contribute their characteristics to particular evaluations or topics. If a student is studying for the SAT or GMAT, for example, they might like a specialised research method that focuses on the evaluation. Similarly, they could use a French language learning research guide if an individual learner needed to brush up on their French before a major vacation.

Generalized Tools - A plethora of diverse research methods are provided by several study tools. In certain subject fields, generalised research instruments also have a wider purpose in helping learners progress. This means that they provide several different functions, such as customised activities, immersive displays of powerpoints, and, among many others, notecards. Users are able to personalise what fits well for them.

Best study Tools, By Deployment

Though we might see a decline in demand for e-learning post-COVID-19 in other segments of the online education market such as K-12, higher education institutions will continue to experience a high demand for digital content and courses. Study tools can be used either on-premises which are inside the classrooms and also online which is a cloud-based software.

On-premise – This type of deployment is generally seen in schools, colleges and other training institutes. There is a decline in demand for on-premises study tools due to Covid-19 and this decrease can continue in post-covid-19 era also. This is because everyone is opting for online study tools which are either available free or with less subscription amount.

Cloud-based – Cloud-based deployment of online research tools has gained importance due to Covid-19 and the market for online study tools is booming in all the regions of the world. Companies such as Byju’s and WhiteHat Jr. Has gained a considerable market share in India. Cloud-based deployment is easy to install and comes with a one time or recurring license fees. Sometimes this kind of fees is referred to as course fee. This kind of deployment helps the user to save cost on one-time installation and hardware required.

Study Tools Features

There is no standard collection of features for best study tools; alternatively, one might find a mix of features in various online research tools.

Creating and distributing resources - Some study tools rely on material for the user base, whereas others employ paying specialists to produce study guides, pictures, and exercises for practise. Regardless of the generation of content, most study tools allow users to exchange information.

Innovative teaching - Interactive learning, also referred to as innovative learning, is a standard feature of platform-specific study tools. It may include conducting online games to be played for students, or allowing students the option to draw on their private displays.

Adaptive learning - Any form of adaptive learning is used for several study tools.  Computational adaptivity is used by adaptive learning software to determine what the student learns, and what they might encounter soon. This software allows educators who aim to provide every individual learner with the best possible learning environment.

Online forums - Online study tools provide learners with discussion board-based communities to work along. It encourages dialogue on the matter of science. Some tools include professionals who also regularly moderate the forums.

Compatibility with other devices - Most research tools interact with other tools typically used in the classroom by students, such as producers of documentation and presentations.

ETextbook platforms - Study tools on eTextbook platforms have many of their services. This enables students to digitally archive, access, and read textbooks from various computers.

Benefits of best study tools

Learning is made more successful by online tools. It is important to realise that, if performed outside a traditional classroom, there is certain teaching that can be difficult. But online study tools allow users, via the Learning Management System, to acquire skills and expertise and combat the Forget Curve. And nearly everyone has a mobile with the advancement in technology. Then making a study schedule online and linking the learning platform to the training session is much better. This implies that, relative to conventional instruments, it is very versatile. On the tablet or phone, users can complete their exams. They should also offer an indication of where the difference in expertise is to the teacher.

Education is the secret to success and users can find how inexpensive it can be when they learn it digitally. If you are an employer who needs his workers to be educated. Best study tools will help employers reduce the cost of educating the workers dramatically. This is different than conferences or lectures. Instead of renting a reception place to steal more time out of the business day for employees. Online tools would provide learners with a pleasant atmosphere.

Besides being cost-effective, users find that they get value for the money from an online study skills course. Instead of dwelling solely on what it would cost them to e-learn. They need to realise that it will help them to move forward with the best study tools. Studying online allows students to progress on a daily basis. This means it is more successful than the odd class sessions.

Online study programs are more scalable than what you are used to. It is important to understand that the cost, effort and level of complexity go up with the number of separate sessions to be hosted, anytime you want to upscale your seminar training. A good platform is one that gives plenty of options for segmenting learners. That is exactly what online study tools offer learners.

There are various classes for studying online. The variety of user’s encounter in the community of teachers and students provides a pleasant atmosphere for learners. When they gain understanding from business professionals, they will have a great deal of useful insight, expertise and tools.

Online tools allow users to learn concepts the way they learn best. This varies from the typical college in which they are limited to learning what the teacher teaches. Best study tools allow you to learn in numerous ways. Many online schools have diverse formats of delivering their course material. In a way they are familiar with, students are given the opportunity to study. It entails reading, communicating, observing or listening.

With that being said, it is now clear that digital tools will provide learners with a good atmosphere. In contrast to the conventional mode of teaching, they can gain more skills quicker and in the right method. It's important to do the homework before selecting an online university and ensure that you only choose an approved university. It will be the only way to access quality education and take advantage of the opportunities of online learning.

Trends in Study Tools

In March 2020, online learning gained global exposure because, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were forced to abandon face-to-face teaching. Multiple demographic considerations, nevertheless, are driving the market for online study tools. This included the rising prices of higher tuition and books, the new student's lifestyle, and balanced access to higher education. These are some of the new developments that are fuelling both the demand for study tools and the online learning industry:

Internet-based Learning - As items like buying tickets, viewing TV shows, buying food is becoming digital, and education in terms of quality of online learning has been behind. With a growth in smartphones, the number of Internet users is growing exponentially. It has created strong ways to offer online learning. With curiosity from young professionals in learning new knowledge, technology, online learning is slowly but surely getting famous. In order to target online education, more organisations like Byju are emerging. To eliminate barriers to classroom-based learning, online learning is valuable. Main subjects/ themes can easily be reviewed by students.

Digital and Extensive Online Evaluations - One of the main areas of the online tools is student review. Training success primarily relies on the type of assessment conducted. Student assessment has primarily concentrated on the student's examination of theoretical knowledge. In the tests, students typically write analytical replies and one of the evaluators analyses them. More emphasis will be focused on testing students for a realistic understanding of a given subject in the coming years. There will be a decrease in the proportion of principle tests. Using online test tools, AI-driven evaluations, customised evaluation of the students can be performed. For each subject / sub-topic, such programmes may provide invaluable insight into student success, group analysis and participant analysis.

Blockchain Technology - Blockchain technology is emerging. In the coming decade, it will dominate creativity across many enterprises. When teamwork, distributed database/information is needed, it is helpful. Block-chain is beneficial for several educational institutions, including test control, authentication of student qualifications, authentication of certificates, etc. Mask sheets of the potential learners are held by the respective institutions in the current scenario. There is no way in which any third party body may verify the company if the student's marks or degrees are legitimate and as reported by the university. Verification procedures tend to be completed manually. Blockchain technologies can help to eradicate those problems where authentication of knowledge collaboration can help verify student degree qualifications or marks earned.

Customized learning - Conventional learning centred in the classroom is becoming outdated. The delivery of education or the teaching method must be personalised. Each person could not benefit from the conventional classroom-based lecture process. Every person has a certain strength and weakness, and for everyone, the speed of understanding a certain subject is different. It also relies on particular students who are fond of a certain topic or subject. One of the developments that will lead in the upcoming year is personalised learning through technology.

Exam Administration Revolutions - Exams of test centres, test monitoring, response sheet assessment, etc. are now performed in a conventional way. AI will bring in several improvements in the current management of the exam. AI-based proctoring or auto-remote proctoring will enable institutions without the requirement for technology or logistics to perform exams. Online Proctoring technologies can allow students to appear at any location for exam sessions. Using specialized film, image, sound streaming with intellect, the device can track, monitor the remote user to do a review if a student appears equally for the test.

Augmented reality (AR) in education - In games, virtual reality is popular. The VR principle is being cost-efficient. For many important items, many other industries have been using VR. Information concentration is poorer when it comes to classroom-based seminars. Information retention increases dramatically in the case of audio/video/graphics. There is research behind it, the longevity is easier if the consumer mind is able to see things in reality. VR not only gives the chance to see something but to feel something as well. Typically the person wants to wear 3D glass to feel something as if the entity were standing in front of the event/scene, etc. Training will see strong growth in the coming years for VR applications aimed at school. As an instructor, one definitely cannot neglect this technology.

Potential Issues

Study tools that allow users to create their own flashcards run the risk of spreading misinformation. However, many products with user-created content in free versions also have expert-made content in paid versions. There is always a risk of whether the data presented or the information shown is genuine or not. Some instructors use their own perception and methods to demonstrate the information. This might sometimes cannot be understood directly by all the students.

Study tools need an information management system which can validate all the information which runs through the platform. Right now there are limited number of online tools available which can be integrated with the learning management systems and other e-learning tools.

Best Study Tools

Comparing 18 vendors in Study Tools across 79 criteria.
All vendors(18)
Quizlet USP lies with its interactive learning methodology for students and teachers. Teachers can use Quizlet live for interacting in real-time with students and customize their courses while the student can learn using modern techniques. Quizlet is powered with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to guide users to make smarter decisions. With Quizlet, you also get access to a well-stocked online library of information.
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Kahoot! USP lies in multiple connectivities and sharing ability through apps, such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and more. A generated game PIN helps users to connect on the common screen, after which the players through their personal devices can answer questions created by their masters.

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The primary USPs of Alta reside in its pre-made and standardized content library and its accessibility. Alta Pricing is another reason for its being highly opted. It provides for adaptive, personalized learning along with instructional multimedia support as well as assessments for aiding students. Being mastery-based, it provides detailed explanations, just-in-time instructions, and remediation to pre-requisite skills.
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The major USPs of Magoosh include the variety of study material available for students and the flexibility in the study schedule that students can customize according to their preferences. Magoosh also provides a progress review section that allows students to track their performance and learn from their mistakes. Magoosh pricing is also affordable.
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There are several USPs of McGraw-Hill Connect software. The primary features include the usage of modern technology to improve learning and to make education more interactive. The app allows students and teachers to keep track of performances and thus, improve on them. The teachers can customize their course content while keeping it an effortless process. McGraw-Hill Connect Pricing is affordable and provides a number of options.
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Shmoop USP lies with its college test preparation courses to ready students for a futuristic learning curve. Courses efficiency, teaching guidance, essay writing, expert advice, and interactive techniques combined with transferable college credits further makes it more valuable for students.
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Course Hero study tools has a well-stocked library of courses by subjects, schools, textbooks, and titles to give students direct access to effective learning material. On-demand expert counselling and earning by contribution makes the platform more attractive for students. The software benefits both students by aiding them to finish their homework, assignment, reports, and tasks while tutors gain income by assisting them with very affordable Course Hero pricing.
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It is the best tool for the interaction of students and teachers in one place. The students can get videos and assignments all in one place even if they fail to attend the class. The teachers can use this app to provide more lessons to the students under the available package.
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Any information could be easily memorized through flashcards, whether it's multiplication tables, vocabulary lists, a new language, or just plain old definitions. Thousands of students around the world have made the best use of this system, and not to forget the affordable Cram pricing. Cram is especially useful because it utilizes the Leitner System of studying.
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Anki USP lies in seamless connectivity and synchronization with AnkiWeb, a free online server. This allows users to retain decks synchronized across multiple computers, and to study online or on a cell phone. Comprehensive support gives credible information for users to track their statistics on different aspects of performance. Anki study tools pricing model is also a high selling point.

Read less Read more provides many free and premium options for AP exams. The free version of Albert helps the students to try many quizzes for free, whereas the premium students can access dozens of quizzes. Some of the AP prep includes free-response practice questions. 

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Desmos USP lies in its amazing calculation abilities and ease of use for all professions. Desmos is used by millions of students and teachers in nearly every country in the world and has been translated into 30 languages. Affordable Desmos pricing policy also makes it more attractive for all.

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Mangahigh’s game-based learning methodology turns students into math addicts. Based on each student’s level of understanding, they are awarded a medal for each activity. Mangahigh pricing tool’s inter-school competition called Fai-To encourages every student to try their best and win as many medals as they can to beat other schools.
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Newsela is a core education website that gives real-time tasks and non-fictional stories for students. It lets students and teachers highlight queries and make notes. Newsela is a suitable platform that meets the needs of each student. Plus, it plays a crucial role in enhancing reading skills and offers text interaction
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Its USP is mobile applications, lies not only in its quick solutions to all the math problems but also in providing smart graphs to visualize math problems and smart calculator that act as an intuitive math keyboard that assists in entering or editing scanned math problems.
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Piper aims to deliver a student-centric and hands-on learning experience combining the latest and global standard education curriculum. The Kit is meant to inspire students to engineer, learn circuitry, design, build hardware, code, develop motor and problem-solving skills, and more.
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SiLAS pricing software curriculum is based on CASEL’s five Core Principles viz., Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness, and Responsible Decision Making. Its curriculum is formed on Evidence-Based Practices and applies to all the Three Tiered Framework(MTSS) that brings together Response to Intervention and SEl support.
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This software is available for all the students, specifically the ones who cannot spend money on finding papers because of household issues. Not only can you get question papers for free, but you can also download it to read it offline.
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