Best Exam Software

Exam software is an application that assists in the development and conduct of online exams. Computer-based evaluation options are provided by the online exam software, which in turn automates the testing process. All the test data can be collected and arranged in one location by the exam management software system.

Top 10 Best Exam Software

  1. ProProfs Quiz Maker
  2. ExamSoft Exam Software
  3. Think Exam Software
  4. Easy LMS Exam Software
  5. ExamN Exam Software
  6. FastTest Exam Software
  7. ClassMarker Exam Software
  8. QuestBase Exam Software
  9. WISEflow Exam Software
  10. DigiExam Exam Software

ProProfs Quiz Maker- ProProfs Quiz Maker tool helps you create, check, and make reports within the software. Moreover, you can create them in multiple languages, with pre-made quiz templates, and customize them as per your requirements.

ExamSoft- ExamSoft is an online exam software dedicated to making exam evaluation simpler. It offers a secure testing platform for the educators that blocks any access to files, programs, and internet usage during exams on the student computers.

Think Exam- Think Exam software aims at proving a huge base of candidates with all the assessment facilities at a single platform through its enticing features like question bank, candidate management, test creation, reporting system, and cloud reporting, etc.

Easy LMS- Easy LMS exam software is a comprehensive solution that can help build courses, exams, and quizzes. It can also help provide training and learning to the desired audience. More than this, you can also create and distribute certificates from the software.

ExamN- ExamN is an online assessment giant in the market. It provides services likely unavailable anywhere else. Its online assessment feature is accessible from anywhere and at any time needed by the students.

Market Overview

Best Exam software is a platform for generating online tests, sharing tasks, calculating scores, and producing progress reports. In essence, it is similar to assessment software. The tool is widely used in schools , colleges , universities, and independent coaching institutes. Best Exam software can be effectively used in both the office and the classroom. It has many uses within the context of the workplace. It can be used to assess staff using a variety of tests, including things such as multiple options and short answers. In addition , in order to assess prospective workers, most of the exam software may be used for pre-employment training. This software can be used by companies to narrow the field of candidates by setting a benchmark on a test that candidates must pass in order to be further considered. This software can be useful in implementing new processes or ensuring compliance between employees for testing employees. Teachers can use this exam software in the context of the classroom to facilitate student grade testing by administering tests through best exam software.

In the classroom and in the workplace as well, the exam software illustrates its value. Online assessment software is used in offices or organisations to assess workers by making use of a range of assessments including topics such as multiple choice and short answers. In addition, by performing pre-employment training, the online assessment systems aid in assessing prospective workers. New procedures are enforced by the exam programme to assess employees or to ensure conformity between employees. To narrow the field of candidates, the companies may employ the online testing software by setting a benchmark on a test which candidates must try hard to hit so that they can be considered further. The Best Exam software can be used to analyse exam results, create and grade exams when it comes to any educational institution, generate valuable student learning reports that highlight individual strengths and opportunities in addition to providing detailed feedback to each student to improve their future performance.


The competitive leadership mapping showcased provides information for the Best exam software. Vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories: product offering and business strategy. Each category carries various criteria, based on which vendors have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product offerings include the breadth of offering, delivery (based on industries that the vendors cater to, deployment models, and subscriptions), features/functionality, delivery, product quality and reliability, and product differentiation. The evaluation criteria considered under business strategy include geographic footprint (on the basis of geographic presence), channel strategy and fit, vision alignment, and effectiveness of growth (on the basis of innovations, partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions).


This category of best exam software includes: ProProfs Quiz Maker, ExamSoft, and Think Exam.


This category of best exam software includes: FastTest, ExamN, and QuestBase.


This category of best exam software includes: Easy LMS, and ClassMarker.


This category of best exam software includes: WISEflow, and DigiExam.

Top Features of Best Exam Software

Assessments-The test material should be designed, created and administered by the online examination portal.

The online testing platform allows hundreds of different questions, responses and scoring combinations to be selected, all of which support the integration of rich multimedia options.

Test-Taking- Each aspect of test-taking can be tailored by the online testing program to better suit the certification objectives, including the number of questions per page, the use of a back-button, test stops or restarts, question skipping, spellchecker, and re-taking of tests.

Rich text and images-There are rich text editors and images in the online exam software that help explain and beautify the pages and questions.

User Management-User profiles can be handled by the online exam builder along with details such as personal information, grades, test schedules, and subjects.

Online exams-Via online platforms, the online exam platform will build and distribute exams.

Question Bank-The online exam software tools can collect a large pool of questions about a particular subject matter. These question banks have varying levels of difficulty so that they can be used for multiple tests.

Reporting / analytics-The best exam software runs analytics on collected data that helps the institution to generate relevant insights.

Users and groups-There are highly customizable users and group features in the online exam software that provide complete control over who receives, administers, develops and views the testing materials.

Open-ended questions and evaluation-With the help of this feature, the user can ask open questions. After the exam gets over, it is easy to determine the response, and even the report gets ready.

Integrated learning- The integrated learning function allows learning content to be integrated seamlessly into certification tests, courses, and programmes. It helps to expand options for the test format.

Customization Options-The personalised options make it easy to produce test content that always aligns with the company's requirements.

Security-The security feature protects against fraud and unauthorised access to the newly created certification programme. With the support of a protection feature, approved users can never change or access the certification content.

Question forms-There are a wide variety of questions on the online review site, including multiple-choice test questions, multiple-choice picture questions, blanks, free text, video questions, and audio questions.

Why is Best Exam software important?

Day by day, online exam software systems are becoming popular. The criteria of the moment are the web or internet-based online exams. Day by day, the best exam software are becoming popular. The programme for online testing is relevant for the following reasons:

Save paper and time-To save paper, the online exam software platform helps. For the students or candidates, there is no need to print an exam. Setting up an examination in such a way that it can even get into auto-grading mode by itself is simple. The automated system saves users time. For the distribution of the exam, enough time is not needed. Students' email addresses are uploaded and the invitation is sent to these students. After the test, the students get their results immediately.

Admin Panel-Teachers and administrators' online testing tools will minimise their work process and save time. Any number of questions, a question bank, can be easily generated by the administrators and they can allocate the date and time for the exam and take the test online.

Student panel-The online assessment systems allow students at a given test time to give tests from anywhere in the world. The student can log in to the online exam portal and apply the test at a specified time. The outcomes are automatically created.

Calculates results in an instant-The online exam platform automatically calculates results in real-time as the answers are given by an applicant. Soon after completing the exams, the learners can also access their results.

Modules-The online testing platform includes various modules such as modules for student information, authorization module, test paper management, exam assessment module, bank management system for subjects and questions, and the result module.

Security and privacy-Online exam software provides the examination process with flexibility and security. The system uploads all the questions. The device will shuffle and give various candidates questions in various orders. This minimises the risk of cheating. The use of tools for online research mitigates the possibility of paper leakage.

Reduced transportation costs-The technology effectively handles the review process. The exams can be administered at various locations for multiple candidates. Results are released immediately online. Both these techniques help minimise the expense of logistics.

Accessibility and versatility-The online assessment programme provides students with fast and easy accessibility. They can view exams from anywhere once the students log in. As the instructor does not have to mark the responses as the system will do it and present the student with the mark after completion of the exam, the online testing platform is versatile.

The online examination allows examining bodies to provide examinations to applicants living in the greater geographical region, since they are not limited to providing examinations in physical test centres.

Benefits of Best Exam Software

For distance learning, a safer choice

There is a rising likelihood for universities, given the current situation, to have their systems online. The latest future is all about transition in academic calendars with delayed exam dates. Institutions are unaware about this unexpected hit of unpredictability brought with it by the novel Corona. In order to counter situations like this, online evaluation tools can be a savior where the progress of students can be continuously measured and monitored even in such downtimes. The choice for students to take tests from anywhere is open. A good internet connection is all that is required. Online assessment tools have the option of specifying tests with multiple schedules and multiple time zones, so that students can take exams around regional boundaries the way they want. On the other side, teachers could test it from anywhere. For different subjects and for many classes, there are choices to pre-set different tests. All of this can be configured at 24x 7 availability, where students have the opportunity to take examinations at their own convenience.

Hassle-free evaluations

There is hassle-free test training with the online exam software system. There are no more time-taking operations, such as the production and printing of manual question papers, assigning tasks to faculty, maintaining records of students attending tests, allocating spaces, and much more. In a virtual classroom that utilises the examination programme, all goes simple. They come with multiple functions in just a few clicks to quickly build and perform exams. Modern online review software enables faculty to create question banks for different courses and upload under them the required data , documents, and media. This shared repository with built-in templates makes the development of simple evaluations possible. What follows next is just a single click to upload, post, track tests, and submit students to complete them with reminders.

Arouses attention from students

These days, students are tech-savvy. The ancient paper-pen exams and a standard classroom setting are no longer desired. Online assessment software offers students, in the way they want, a live virtual classroom environment and a rewarding online examination experience. In interesting formats, students are tested, including quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, analytical forms, MCQs, long papers, submission of documents, etc. Through this broad range of questions on a single subject, students are better able to focus on topics that need improvement through practice and training.


The protection it provides is one more advantage of an online evaluation tool. The confidentiality of the tests is maintained, so there is no room for malpractice. The database produces all the queries, which is equivalent to a safety locker that is only accessible by approved staff. In addition, the question paper is stored in a digitally encrypted file, so question paper leaks are not possible. For different sets of students, the system also has the ability to shuffle questions in different order.

Eco-friendly and cost-efficient approach

The traditional tests included a variety of question papers, response sheets, surveillance faculty, logistics, and other expenditures. All of these will certainly be monitored by the online exam programme. This saves a great deal of time spent on these stuff.

Instant assessment for quicker outcomes

This is one of the key reasons why online exam software is favoured by students. As the whole process is automated, they don't have to wait too long for their results. Results are delivered at the click of a button, which greatly decreases the workload of the faculty and admin. Of greater use, the time and energy expended on these could be channeled. The online assessment offers better data for a faculty to make better decisions.

To identify gaps and strive towards change, systematic reports

Detailed reports on various parameters are obtained by online exam software, which gives greater insights into student progress. The real-time reports received could also assist with the accreditation process of the institution. The combination of smart algorithms, accurate insights, and the computational power of the evaluation management tools makes it easier to evaluate outcomes. There's more precision than the manually churned out papers.

Automated backup of data to decrease downtime

The cloud choice also comes with inspection tools, which is advantageous when it comes to automated data backup. It takes up very little room for storage and can be stored on a single server, ruling out the need for hard file copies.

Greater precision

For their accuracy, the institutions may count on the result being produced. These days, online assessment tools come with an on-screen assessment that enables results to be reported at stages of achievement. Also in the earlier stage, this alternative recognizes students at risk by giving useful feedback. There are also reassessment options to encourage students to be fairer.

Clever Proctoring

The validity associated with automated tests has always been a matter of concern. The online examination software provides a secure exam environment that is beneficial for both students and educational institutions. The intelligent cheating prevention device infused with AI helps to avoid suspicious behaviour during tests. Online evaluation tools also come with auto surveillance mode with system-connected web cameras that serve as an invigilator during his exam to take snapshots of the student. This helps to ensure that the right student takes the exam and takes it in the correct way.

Gives students a competitive edge over others

When it comes to taking competitive tests, nationally and state-wide, students who get used to attending tests online show an advantage over others. They illustrate, among others, competence and real-time exposure in the use of tools.

How Best Exam software works?

Check for software for an online exam

You will need an online examination programme that can be found on the internet and choose from the numerous online examination systems available to make an online examination system work. Make sure the development of an online exam is a user-friendly one.

Setting the exam up

You select by writing an introduction to get started with the best online exam software. This presentation will include the expectations of your online exam participants. To make it more interesting, this is followed by inserting multiple choices or filling in the blank questions along with a picture, video or an audio object. An summary of the responses will be shown after you have taken the exam. With regard to the whole test or according to the questions, the creator sets the time limit.

Sharing of Exam

The developer has the right to determine the start date and the end date for the participants who have access to the test, which will certainly include hours. The URL of the exam link is shared after the exam is developed, so that participants can click on the link that will lead them to the exam.

Appraisal and monitoring of progress

The developer will be able to determine the success of the participants until the participants are finished with the online test. The developer is able to display the output of the community or statistics as per user.

Advantages of Best Exam Software

The implementation of an online assessment scheme at educational institutions has many benefits. Some advantages of switching to an online exam scheme are given below:

Ecologically friendly

Right out of the gate, an online assessment system cuts down the detrimental effects conventional pen and paper exams have on the community. The sheer reduction in the use of paper is tremendous, and paper wastage is also curbed. This kind of eco-friendly and forward-thinking approach to daily processes is relevant in a world where students will be graduating into an environmental crisis caused by climate change. Over the course of their education, students will absorb these values.

Technologically Sophisticated

Technology's all-pervasive existence and its effect on the way of life is diminishing the distinction between real and virtual. In the digital age, there is considerably less use of pen and paper. For emails , meetings, graphic design, and numerous other activities, the vast majority of professionals rely on computers. With the infusion of technology , human tastes have altered considerably.

One of the many benefits of using the online exam method is that it helps examiners / recruiters to scale up their assessment process without bugs. It is also making inroads into the student fraternity as they have been given greater access to education by ease and ubiquity. Day by day, their experience with online exam platforms is rising. The more familiar they are with such an interface and procedure, the higher their performance while using the system would be.

Minimizes Labor Cost

There's so much that goes into setting up a single test –from teachers toiling to administer exams effectively to administrators, who must ensure maximum comfort for all examinees. Thereby using an online exam platform removes unnecessary and inefficient procedures, which, in turn, bolsters the bottom line of the educational institution running the scheme.

Of Time's Interest

Everyone involved in the process of planning, managing, and reviewing evaluations, from students to instructors, understands the enormity of the task. One of the key benefits of an online examination system is that it reduces the amount of time invested in overseeing the entire process of the examination. For both students and teachers, the exam platform saves valuable time which would otherwise be wasted on routine tasks.

The exam software provides the ability to add and import questions, to enable students to access the exam, and to encourage batch-wise exams.

Overheads Limiting

Organizers are dealing with the issue of growing overheads, such as costs associated with obtaining an examination site, printing question papers, supplying students with answer sheets for exams and additional materials. Only after it has been implemented to increase the efficiency of the evaluation process will the advantages of an online examination system be understood.

Better Privacy and Security

The improved privacy of students is one of the key benefits of online tests, which, in turn, validates the effectiveness of the whole process. There is no space for malicious activities to manipulate the system and generate incorrect results, hacking or any other unethical practises of this nature. Students can also obtain results confidentially in such a safe system, which will promote positive development and eliminate negative feelings, if any. These protection and privacy levels promote a more optimistic attitude towards the educational institution and create greater trust between teachers and students, ensuring accountability and outcomes that are bias-free.

Disadvantages of Exam Software

Open-Book Exams:

The style of online examinations is viewed, to some degree, as an open book, more often than not. This is because there is no such clause in the digital format, unlike a conventional examination environment where external materials are not permitted within the exam hall. In reality, during an online review, it is hard to stop students from returning to their study materials. In addition, during the exam session, there is a lack of monitoring, which jeopardizes the integrity of the exams.

An innovative online platform, however, provides impeccable solutions to solve the problem of online remote proctoring. By offering online proctoring services to prevent candidates from indulging in untoward practices, this specific service sets a cap on cheating. Teachers will safeguard examination credibility using this service.

Embracing Emerging Technology:

The implementation of a new system may create a minor disruption and involve a period of user familiarization. Any transition from a conventional approach to the online mode would involve investments to update systems by educational institutions. However, the best way forward is to make both students and teachers comfortable with this transition. Such training will inform students and teachers about the latest features of online assessment systems and their benefits.

Infrastructural constraints:

While online exam software systems have ample advantages that can have a positive impact on the lives of students and teachers worldwide, there are inevitable infrastructural limitations. The user experience across the globe is impacted by many factors, such as poor internet access, power shortages and other infrastructural problems. The entrance exams have not remained the same as the world is heading towards standardised testing and online evaluation systems.

The Teaching and Evaluation Trends:

The ubiquity of technology, such as iPads, personal computers, etc., has eased the rigorous task of moving to online exam software. A vast majority of schools and colleges use a method of learning management (LMS), which also publishes cloud research materials. The leading management systems used by numerous reputed institutions are Moodle, Blackboard and Desire2Learn. In comparison, students benefit from such programmes since they can now write their exams and apply their assignments from the comfort of their home.

Computer-based tests:

No positive change ushers without major difficulties. There are also a fair share of problems in performing online evaluation: the two most common are hacking and technological glitches. You can't rule out the possibility of fraud during an online exam. Also, since these evaluations are cloud-based, managing thousands of them simultaneously seems to be a difficult proposition. Data protection is also an added concern among institutes of education. In spite of its obvious disadvantage, the highest risk of losing test content due to insufficient data protection measures introduced at the server end will cause evaluators to follow this mode of evaluation.

Not suitable for Joint Evaluations or Community projects

The very existence of the tests in the online test system prohibits the introduction of such assessment modes at the school. The most obvious one here is that for joint assessments or community ventures, it is not an ideal forum. This is because the essence of the platform is objective, eliminating subjective evaluations where points for subjective contributions are assigned to a group rather than points given to an established system.

Top Trends in Best Exam Software

AI to remove the need for physical proctors: Educational institutions are adopting auto-proctor tests with artificial intelligence ( AI) capabilities to perform tests in safe environments. Some software uses face recognition and digital IDs to ensure that cheating does not happen.

Advanced analytics will assist you in designing tests: Best Exam software contains advanced testing analytics. It uses details such as the time spent on different questions, the time it takes to complete the examination, results, and previous exam trends.

How to Choose the best exam software?

Remember that you will spend long hours selecting / writing questions for term exams or recruitment tests, testing for duplication, and then beginning the long process of recruiting a proctor / invigilator, settling on a test location, and then gathering and correcting the test copies manually? Sounds like a lot of work. For educational organisations or organisations (primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, technical institutions and training academies), recruiting (corporate, small and medium-sized enterprises), employee training , employee involvement, etc., there are many online assessment systems / software that are particularly useful.

Better familiar and easy to reach

I am completely assured that accessibility is a major concern for training institutes and recruiting agencies running mock assessments / employment assessments in their various test centres spread across various locations, respectively. For them, there should be quick access to online exam software for both the assessor and the assessee. A user should be able to register and login from anywhere using a computer and an internet connexion.

For those of us who would want to maintain the conventional look and feel of an exam, it is important that an online exam software program replicates and generates real-life examination experience. Everything should be web-based and cloud-based with no software download/instal requirements.

Enables simple development and testing of tests

Teachers or professors who are relatively new to the idea of online assessment software require specific creation and testing guidance. To this end, the software website should contain prototypes / FAQs defining each part of the process of developing the test. Test variables such as the number of questions, parts, total marks, passing marks, time limit, etc. must be specified on the test generated using the program.

The method should have MCQs, objective questions, type of essay questions, skill-based questions, simulation questions as well as personality assessments, etc. with various evaluation patterns and user standards in mind, which can easily be combined into a single assessment.

Question banks for recruiters looking to save time and logistics should be made available in the online examination system. In instances where assessors choose to use their own queries, Excel file upload and other such features must be provided.

Using a link/login, participants should also be able to quickly take the test and automatically expire as soon as the test is done. The program should store and maintain the credentials of each participant that can be changed or revised, if necessary,

Uptime Scalable and Assurances

For recruiters engaged in recruiting and coaching campus institutions engaged in student test preparation programmes, scalability is a major requirement. Online examination software should be capable of serving multiple users in various locations simultaneously. Most of your bandwidth could not be used by a good online exam programme and will only require a device with an active broadband link and often a testing webcam.

No Need to Vigilate

Everybody is aiming for a perfect score. Test takers tend to cheat on their way to performance occasionally. During an online test, tech-savvy participants also developed many strategies to cheat, such as using Google docs to simultaneously get other forms of answers, opening Google in a new window or tab, etc. High impact testing, such as University Common Entry Tests, Job Tests, Qualification Tests, etc., does not allow even the tiniest attempts to cheat.

Sharing and review online

For trainers and teachers who need to manually correct copies, a range of reporting and analysis options should be provided. The scores should be automatically determined as soon as the test is over; the scores will be used by participants and evaluators at the same time.

Configured and simple integration with your applications

A learning management system is now used by many organisations, educational institutions, training centres, and coaching centres to teach a course or to prepare students/employees for high and low-stake testing. A good online assessment system should be one that can be easily incorporated with their Knowledge Management System and Learning Management System ( LMS).

There should be operational, technological and customer service

Teachers and recruiters would not be able to manage the technological know-how relevant to apps. For them, new releases are jargon, "bug-fixing," organisational and technological support. They can need proper application/software support at each level of the development and completion of the exam. High-stakes tests can require adequate support to conduct the test in order to use more advanced features, such as skill-based simulation tests. In such cases, operational support should be just a phone call or live chat away.

Best Exam Software

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1.5 Online
DigiExam is a browser-based application that fits into major operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Cloud. Its USP lies in the fact that the examination process is made much easier and smoother with a variety of assisting tools. It helps teachers in working with different question styles, controlling answer type and maintaining word limit restrictions. Moreover, DigiExam’s pricing is very dynamic and affordable.
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Among all its features, the USP of this software is the compatibility and integrations with other third-party software. You can integrate it with more than 50 different applications and create an amazing user experience.
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ExamSoft helps to create and check exams quicker and easier. It is efficient at fetching and organizing tested data into one frame. It provides a valuable analysis of exam outcomes and develops expert reports for educators to identify opportunities to give students comprehensive feedback based on their strengths and weaknesses. The institutions use Examplify application to carry out the tests.
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Think Exam software aims at proving the huge base of candidates with all the assessment facilities at a single platform through its enticing features like question bank, candidate management, test creation, reporting system, and cloud reporting, etc. Moreover, regular updates are added based on the user's concerns and suggestions.
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Apart from the Easy LMS Exam Software Pricing and demo run structure, another one of the incredible things is the way it can handle all the requests. Since it is a Learning Management System, the developers have taken care of every single aspect that makes such a complex process a walk in the park.
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In today’s busy schedule and software advancement era, AllofE Solutions' software ExamN provides the best platform to its users. Time management, secured browser, fast and efficient result displays, what more is required! Moreover, it also shows the field that needs to be covered for the best performance by the student.
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FastTest is a secured web-based platform that provides an efficient assessment environment for your users. It has excellent functionalities such as online tests, certification, automatic grading, scheduling, time limits, result reporting, user management, and more. You can build an interactive learning and assessment platform with FastTest software.
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It is a hosted online testing software that provides reporting, analytics, and time limiting for examinations. Besides economical ClassMarker pricing, it enables users to send links to students. It provides centralized data storage and easy access. It can be used to ask queries to contractors or even hiring mere employees. It enables employee skill checking with its reporting and analytics features.
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QuestBase Exam Software is a web-based secure platform for exam test services. The software is widely used across schools, online teaching courses, e-learning portals, mock test sessions and many more. They provide a cloud supported solution for major exam-related questions and tests. QuestBase pricing offers instant exam solutions for educational organizations, non-profit enterprises, and businesses SMEs, and agencies.

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WISEflow exam software provides end-to-end solutions for Web App. It is a digitalized examination interface to provide randomization and weighted questions along with a question library. It enables the creation of interactive tests, which are customizable as per user needs. WISEflow exam software provides scalable and secure services with the option to add images and videos to enhance understanding. It has built-in tools including advanced calculators and input fields for mathematical formulae. Its manager module manages the flow of digital examinations.

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Classtime is an excellent student engagement platform to enhance the learning process. It gives dedicated solutions for teachers to assess student performance in small and big education platforms. The tool offers an interactive learning process, classroom and curriculum management, attendance tracker tools, and internal evaluation process.
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One of the best things about Disamina is the highly efficient reporting and monitoring sequences. Not many online exam software offer online proctoring. With this software you also need not worry about the Disamina Pricing and still benefit from smart features like detailed exam analysis and concurrent testing.
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Well, EOA is a multipurpose tool that has a great online resource kit to help institutions of every scale to conduct online exams. It has some great features and proactive solutions to help you streamline the online testing functions. There are automated processes and saves cost and time.
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In the online exam section, eParikshaa offers a comprehensible web application service that is excellent and very sensitive. The question papers can be managed, controlled and uploaded to the panel without any delay, very simple and self-manageable by everyone and everyone. With features such as actual exam models, bulk query uploader, extensive analysis, and more, it is the most effective online evaluation tool.

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The company is known for its instant support for the customers and intends to add new features to the software. Currently, it supports various manuscripts and can read over-written marks as well, and has built firm roots in OMR (optical mark recognition), test-sheet grading and scoring for mobile phones and tablets. Unlike other platforms, it targets teachers and instructors alone and not students.

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Merittrac exam software is well designed and is an innovative solution that serves all the purposes of administering and evaluating online assessments. It is best used for hiring and shortlisting talent for an organization and conducting online tests. Merittrac can also be accessed from any location and device.
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One of the most incredible things is that anyone can turn this software into an eCommerce business. The ability to create and sell your own tests is amazing. Students and other institutes are always looking to get extra study material and assessment sources. This makes NAJM an excellent medium to start earning.
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ProvExam intends at creating a mutual platform for both administrators and examinees where features for both would be available in an adequate amount. Like the Prov Test drive, schedule test, and Bookstore are some of the candidate-centered specifications. Whereas, Prov Lens and 360 viewing help the teachers in assessment and quality testing. 

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Proview is a cloud-based, integrated remote cognitive proctoring programme built anytime, at any time, for proctoring tests. The solution involves real-time capture of images, audio and video, software for audio and video detection to detect criminal behaviour, monitoring browser activity, facial recognition, and more.

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RPNow Exam Software aims at improving the technology associated with Assessment, Security, and Privacy and bringing innovation to these areas. The company intends to further increase the established trust with their SaaS solutions for high stakes testing and assessment, which would not be confined to domains but global.
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This is a smart software that can send personalized messages to the students before they take the exams. Based on the learning patterns, Synap can send notifications about the materials and other help that is required to complete the test. 

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