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CA TECHNOLOGIES in Test Data Management Software


CA Technologies operates in the TDM market through the CA Test Data Manager solution. CA Technologies Test Data Management Software solution provides data subsetting, data masking, and synthetic/on-demand data generation to empower testing teams to meet the agile demands of their organizations. CA Test Data Manager uses an innovative functionality to generate synthetic data, rich test data, and sensitive content in non-production environments.

The main features of CA Test Data Manager are synthetic data generation, data masking, data subsetting, test coverage analysis, test data allocation, test data warehousing, and data virtualization. CA Virtual TDM (vTDM), an add-on feature, enhances and extends CA Test Data Manager’s capabilities by offering faster access to test data, especially when teams are conducting in-sprint testing. The use of CA vTDM reduces storage costs, as the testers can use their own copies of the test data created virtually. The customers of CA Technologies Test Data Management Software are from various sectors, including banks, financial institutions, service organizations, insurance companies, and government agencies.

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BROADCOM LIMITED Presence in Test Data Management Software
CA Technologies is one of the top players in the TDM market. The company has a strong global presence with business operations in more than 100 countries. It has a huge clientele in the US, and in 2016, the company generated 64% of its revenue from this country alone. CA Technologies has focused its efforts on strengthening its product portfolio. This is one of the major reasons the company invested 14.52% of its revenue in R&D activities in 2016. This investment has enabled CA Technologies to receive 1,350 patents across its entire business ecosystem. The company caters to various verticals, such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and automotive, public sector, retail, service providers, and telecom. It also provides education and training, and consulting and implementing services to its customers. CA Technologies’ partner ecosystem consists of reseller partners, global system integrators, managed service providers, and technology partners. The company focuses on organic growth strategies, such as product developments and product enhancements. To drive organic growth, the company mainly focuses on product innovations and the delivery of different products and solutions. For instance, in June 2016, CA Technologies implemented an open, flexible, and integrated continuous delivery ecosystem to enhance the deployment and testing efficiencies. In addition to this, CA Test Data Manager was integrated with CA Agile Central, CA Service Virtualization, and Continuous Delivery Director for the creation of a compelling end-to-end continuous testing solution.


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