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COMPUWARE Test Data Management Software


File-AID/EX is a Compuware’s TDM tool that streamlines the testing process by managing data from various databases in a cost-effective manner. It offers the data virtualization capability and provides a single data editor to remove the ambiguity associated with managing and preparing the data for testing. File-AID/EX protects the sensitive data by using various features, such as encryption, data masking, data aging, and data generation


It automatically enables users to compare the differences between 2 sets of database tables and schemas. It also provides subsets of data and facilitates consistent access to data across multiple environments. The File-AID/EX tool authorizes access to multiple data types for both mainframe and distributed landscapes for data masking and test data management. The data privacy feature in File-AID/EX can help identify and mask sensitive data. File-AID/EX is categorized into 3 editions: File-AD/EX Client Edition, File-AD/EX Server Edition, and File-AD/EX Enterprise Edition.

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COMPUWARE Presence in Test Data Management Software
Compuware' strategy focuses on delivering the best-inclass on-premises software and professional technical services to its customers. To drive revenue for its customers, the company is introducing additional features in its products for the development and testing of enterprise applications, with a recent focus TDM solutions. Compuware focuses on organic growth strategies. For instance, in October 2016, it launched the updated File-AID/EX version 17.02, which includes File-AID/EX Enterprise Edition and File-AID/EX Executive. This release supported the IBM password phrase authentication and IBM multi-factor authentication methods for z/OS applications. Moreover, an important aspect of Compuware’s strategic plan is to stabilize its mainframe business by maintaining a market leadership position. The effective stabilization of its mainframe business unit plays a vital role in the achievement of the company’s cash flow and profitability goals. To gain a competitive market edge, the company is strategically focusing on expanding and capturing the global market with its cost-effective products. Compuware’s professional services include a broad range of IT services. Furthermore, to expand its customer base, Compuware has improved its relationships with distributors, system integrators, and service providers by enhancing its product portfolio.

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