EKOBIT DOO Test Data Management Software

  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1992
  • Below $10 MN
BFSI, Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Telecommunication, Government and Public Sector, Information Technology
Company Overview
BizDataX is a comprehensive TDM and data anonymization/data masking solution, designed for enterprise testing and other non-production environments. It offers several features, such as data anonymization/data masking, data pseudonymization, data subsetting, and synthetic data generation, which can all be combined within a single workflow.

Complex data transformation workflows are implemented using BizDataX Designer, an add-in to the Microsoft Visual Studio Workflow Editor. Its additional features include the Test Data Self Service module, which links test cases with the relevant test data; the Sensitive Data Discovery module, which helps clients search for sensitive data and remain compliant with the industry regulations, such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, and DSG; and the Reporting module. With the help of these modules, BizDataX provides test data, which is both cost-effective and relevant in terms of data quality, quantity, and consistency, for testing environments. It supports various data repositories, such as DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, TXT files, XML files, CSV files, and relational DB via .NET, OLE DB, and ODBC.

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EKOBIT DOO Presence in Test Data Management Software
Ekobit has grown rapidly since its inception in 1992. The company majorly offers the BizDataX solution to verticals such as BFSI, and IT and telecom. Ekobit has a strong clientele, which includes companies such as SBB, Mercury Processing Services International, UniCredit Bank, PBZ (member of Intesa Sanpaolo Group), Raiffeisenbank Austria, ABB, and AVL. Ekobit’s business strategy majorly focuses on organic growth. For instance, the company invests significantly in its BizDataX TDM solution to maintain a leading position in the highly competitive TDM market. BizDataX is aimed at customers who are need of an all-in-one TDM solution that includes data anonymization/data masking and other data transformation capabilities, along with an unparalleled price/performance ratio. BizDataX also offers an innovative visual workflow-based approach to implement complex data transformation features. This is the solution’s differentiating factor when compared to the other TDM solutions. To expand its business, Ekobit focuses on inorganic growth strategies as well. In September 2015, Ekobit partnered with Cognizant to enhance Cognizant’s TDM services portfolio with its BizDataX TDM solution. The strategic partnership would offer Cognizant’s customers an enterprise-level methodology to the TDM, which in turn, would significantly reduce the costs and risks in the testing process. The partnership would also help Ekobit expand BizDataX’s customer base.
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