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ARA NETWORKS in Transparent Caching

Company Overview
Ara Networks offers the JAGUAR6000 in the transparent caching market. JAGUAR6000 caches small web objects and large video files, which are transparent for content providers. The major features of JAGUAR6000 are IPv6 ready, full transparent caching, content sharing, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and E-Commerce Directive 2000 compliances, and proprietary technology for small web objects and large media-rich content. JAGUAR6000 serves as the network backbone or edge cache. It is offered in various kinds of appliances depending on the processing capacity.

The company is one of the leading providers of web, media, and mobile-caching products. The company’s product portfolio includes LTE Edge Cache (JAGUAR 700), Transparent Cache (JAGUAR 600), Proxy Cache (JAGUAR 500), SmartGLB, ARA-PPTM, and ARA-TS. Ara Networks provides Network Traffic Monitoring (NMP) solutions for high-performance traffic monitoring and caching. NMP is an optimized platform for large traffic management over backbone networks, and it provides network transparency.

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