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IBM is a prominent player in the user provisioning market, and it provides enhanced features and functionalities to its commercial customers. The company provides reliable IAM services for user provisioning by helping clients implement the IBM Cloud Identity Service for establishing automated processes based on user role authorization and predefined policies, and implementing consistent policy administration and enforcement processes. Request IBM Pricing to get more information.


IBM’s reliable user provisioning solutions and its associated services, which includes robust features and functionalities, are the strengths of the company through which it caters to its commercial clientele.

  • It helps enterprises to monitor and manage heterogeneous identities by providing various features such as role life cycle management, password management, user log management, and user governance and compliance.
  • IBM Cloud Identity Service help reduce the costs and risks of administering user accounts.
  • IBM Cloud Identity Service also reduce the IT management cost, enhance employee productivity, and increase compliance efficiency.
  • IBM Cloud Identity Service are instrumental in identifying and monitoring high-risk users, defining access to sensitive data, and protecting the high-value data.
  • IBM Cloud Identity Service are helpful in blocking unauthorized access, hardening applications that contain sensitive data, and creating privileged access exceptions.


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IBM Presence in User Provisioning Software
IBM strengthens its base by enhancing its product portfolio and introducing innovative platforms and solutions. In line with the new product launch strategy, IBM is working on serving the needs of its clients more efficiently by technologically updating its products and solutions. For instance, in 2015, IBM launched the QRadar security intelligence technology on the cloud. This helped clients quickly prioritize realthreats and free up critical resources to fight cyber-attacks. QRadar helps determine if security-relatedevents are simple anomalies or potential threats. In addition the company offers add-on features such as role life cycle management, multi-factor authentication, privileged access security, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, and SoD. Furthermore, in the IAM arena the company offers various new solution and service such as IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence, IBM Security Identity Manager, IBM Security Access Management, Cloud Identity Services, and MFA design and deployment services to its commercial clients across globe. IBM’s vision and business mission majorly focusses on making strong position in the IT industry and to gain significant share from the global market, in order to serve competently in the provisioning market. The company’s strategic intent lies in focusing on specific business units which generates significant share and revenue, which boosts the company’s internal as well as external growth. The company has been competently expanding its business lines by undertaking efficient organic strategies. For instance, in 2014, IBM acquired Lighthouse Security Group, LLC, a leading cloud security services provider. This acquisition enabled IBM to integrate Lighthouse Security Group’s Gateway platform to provide a full suite of functionalities based on IBM’s Security Identity and Access Management capabilities. It also enabled IBM to provide various features, such as user provisioning, identity life cycle governance, SSO, enterprise user registry services, federation, and user self service, to its commercial clientele. In 2014, IBM acquired CrossIdeas, a provider of identity and access governance solutions. This enabled IBM to extend its leadership in delivering innovation, services, and software for securing enterprises. Moreover, it helped IBM customers defend against advanced threats and manage risks in an era of unprecedented technological change.
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