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Eyelet USP

Eyelet is a qualitative guidance platform which helps the user to use built in templates for designing a prototype. Custom Bots record the data from the clients and use them for future assistance. It creates checklists for the customers, and gives them reminders at the suitable time.

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Eyelet is a guidance software that helps the user in being self-organized with the help of interactive features, instead of coding. It helps in creating automatic segments which keeps a track of the customer base data and their activities. It allows the user to add annotation, templates and many more.

Eyelet Features

  • Embeddable Product Tours
  • Helps customers in discovering everything they need to know about the product with the help of interactive tools
  • Interactive tools are created with the help of built-in templates and not coding

  • Bot Qualification and Segmentation
  • Custom Bots are set up to segment the prospects of the customers based on their online behavior
  • Facilitates use of this customer data for future issues or technical glitches, in these bot conversations on the website

  • Creating Onboarding Checklist
  • Dictates the cultural norms set by the user/enterprise
  • Resembles the team roles of the customer, their professional skills and personal demands

  • User-friendly AI Interface
  • Queries the customer, and raises and replies are found from existing customer data
  • Sets reminders for the user for several events, like sending an email and many more

Eyelet Pricing

Eyelet Pricing has just one pricing segment at present, which is called as Pro. The subscription amount is $8 per month. Although there is another Eyelet Pricing segment called Custom, prices aren’t available on the website.

Eyelet Demo

Eyelet provides a Demo program, but one needs to give their project name and company domain and complete all the required formalities to know the trial period. The demo allows us to design the website by creating prototypes and wireframes.


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Eyelet Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Improvement in Interface”

Although the Eyelet has a user-friendly interface, yet it lags behind as compared to its potential competitive software, which are capable of doing a lot.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Pricing Segments”

Eyelet needs to come up with more versatile price segments, where it can target small businesses to big enterprises and entrepreneurs, and provide customer services to all.
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