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Maze USP

Maze offers its users to run tests with unlimited users having multiple paths and doing multiple tests on the same device in order to gain results and then help its users to improve on their design using the same results. This helps its users to have large data about the app which helps them decide the future roadmap easily. Request Maze Pricing to get more information.


Maze is an online based service which helps its users to test their prototypes of software using real world testers. This helps its users to get real time test results and see how well the prototype functions in real day use. Maze also helps its users to make these prototypes more compatible with real use based on the results of the tests being done. This helps to make better design changes in order to make it smoother for the final customer to use. It is an online platform which helps in determining the correct approach needed to be taken in order to have best design optimization. 

Maze Features

  • Unlimited Collaborations 

Allows its users to test their designs with any amount of people that they require in order to get the best results possible. This culminates in better understanding of the software.

  • Test Preview

Integrates the users in such a way that the tests can be monitored from start to end which helps in achieving better results. 

  • Multi Paths

Generates multiple paths to be followed during the tests in order to determine the best user experience.

  • Guerrilla Testing

Allows users to run multiple tests on the same device in order to get more data in turn leading to better optimization. 

Maze Pricing

Maze pricing varies depending on the requirements of the user and the amount of testing taking place. Maze pricing ranges from $25 to $49 on a monthly basis accordingly. Get in touch with the support team to know more about the pricing plans.

Maze Demo

Users can sign up for the free on the website which gives access to the free tier of the service. They can get a feel of how the service works and how users can run tests on apps that need testing to improve drastically.


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Maze Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Unlimited Testing”

Being able to run tests with many at the same time helps to make the app faster in the later versions.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 02, 2020

“Fluid experience”

The experience is seamless and it really helps to mass test the app in order to find the minute changes needed in order to make it work.
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