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UXPin Ux Software
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UXPin Ux Software USP

UXPin is an interactive prototype designing tool which facilitates its users to work on grids and allows them to manipulate and change the grids according to their will. It allows the enterprise or user to share their created prototype quickly and easily, and has a cloud storage allowing the designs to be saved and accessed anytime, anywhere. The easy interface, great wireframing tools and easy to use built in prototype, helps in appealing to a wider customer base. Request UXPin Ux Software Pricing to get more information.


UXPin is a wireframing and interactive prototyping design tool used for documentation and system designing with features like conditional interactions, expressions, data generator and so on. The designing tool has an easy to comprehend interface, making it simple for even those people with no prior knowledge in designing. The software using Cloud storage makes it easy for the user to get access to their work anytime.

UXPin Features

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Capable of creating both high-end and low-end prototypes
  • Helps in defining the prototypes to the users for complex designs, with the help of annotation tools

  • Interface Designing
  • Facilitates for the user enough scope for customization, by letting them create Animation and Sketch Files of their own
  • Allows the user to add graphic charts, tables and pictures for better presentability.

  • Real-time Designing
  • Co-designs prototypes in real time to suit the specific needs of the user or the organization
  • Allows the clients to get a preview of the projects and lets them grasp and comprehend the performance of the product

  • Advanced Designing System
  • Creates a reusable toolkit which saves time in the long run, as the need of scaling each time gets eliminated
  • Customizes designing, improves consistency, and makes component-based designing simple, at the same time adding cross-platform compatibility

UXPin Pricing

According to the needs of the business/user, UXPin Pricing offers subscription with prices ranging from $19 to $29 per user per month. The UXPin Pricing segments are as given below:

  1. Basic - $19/user/month
  2. Advanced - $29/user/month
  3. Enterprise – Custom pricing to be decided over mail.

UXPin Demo

UXPin provides a Demo program both on the software and the website for 14 days. It lets the user create a new prototype or import an existing design and edit or work on it.


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UXPin Ux Software
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UXPin Ux Software Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Wider array of UI elements”

UXPin helps in managing animations and transitions while building a UI Prototype without writing any code. It helps the user to design in real-time and modify according to their suitability.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Brilliant Prototyping Tool”

UXPin is one of the most user-friendly prototyping software which makes designing very easy for the user with cross platform compatibility.
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