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GENETEC Vehicle Analytics Software Reviews & Details


Genetec offers various solutions and services in vehicle analytics market to cater to a diverse set of applications, such as predictive maintenance, warranty analytics, and driver behavior analysis. The company’s product portfolio has AutoVu, an Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system which provides features for locating specific vehicles and enhancing parking management. The system caters to various organizations such as law enforcement authorities, municipal corporations, and commercial organizations.


ALPR makes use of context images, time stamps, and GPS coordinates to come up with efficient and user-friendly solutions related to parking management. It can be used to detect unusual vehicle behavior, track un-used vehicles, and improve parking management systems. Genetec has been enhancing its product portfolio through the inclusion of highly innovative hardware suiting to industryspecific needs. For instance, in June 2017, the company launched AutoVu Motoscan which can be mounted on any small vehicle to help regulatory bodies automatically scan license plates and send that information to the parking authorities database. The company also announced a subscription-based ownership model in March 2016 for Security Center to offer flexible ownership and payment options to their customers. This Security Center has provided a web interface for automated license plate recognition and vehicle analytics.

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