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  • Weinheim, Germany
  • 1972
  • $10BN to $50BN
Company Overview
SAP provides universal, enterprise-level vehicle analytics solutions with the SAP Vehicle Insights software. It helps organizations make use of information related to gear recognition, fuel stops, and heat mapping, and integrate it with predictive analytics to get insights related to mileage and tire wear. Repairs can be planned based on the information gathered from sensors and IoT devices which help reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs. SAP Vehicle Analytics can be used with connected vehicles to perform real-time and predictive analytics to generate valuable insights. It can also be used by automobile manufacturers and OEMs to improve their efficiency in building effectively connected vehicles.

SAP Vehicle Analytics software offers various services to manage connected vehicles, which include on-line data analytics that can be used for fleet analytics, vehicle diagnostics, and mobility-as-a-service. The company is focused on delivering enhanced solutions to various verticals, such as insurance and logistics which can use vehicle data, such as geo-locations, vehicle driving conditions, and climatic changes to come up with insights related to arrival time, delay, and validate vehicle damage. SAP also offers additional solutions related to geo-fencing and speed-limit analysis which can be used for digital farming and telematics. SAP’s services, such as geo-fencing, and speed-limit analysis, support new technologies including digital farming and telematics. Customers can associate real-time telematics data with their business processes and integrate it with customer data to increase their productivity and provide key actions and metrics that are relevant to those users

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