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AWS CodeCommit
Washington, USA
$10BN to $50BN
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AWS CodeCommit USP

CodeCommit version control systems is a kind of source control service that hosts secure Git-based repositories. It makes it easy for teams to collaborate on code in an extremely secure ecosystem. CodeCommit discards the need to operate over own source control system or worry about scaling its infrastructure. It could be used to securely store anything from source code to binaries, and will work seamlessly with all existing Git tools.

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AWS CodeCommit version control systems is a very highly scalable and managed source control service that has the capability to host private Git repositories. One can simply create a repository to store code. There is no hardware to provision and scale or software to install, configure, and operate. CodeCommit helps in collaborating on code with pull requests, branching, and merging. It can implement workflows that include code reviews and feedback by default.

AWS CodeCommit Pricing 

CodeCommit pricing is in line with leading competitors in the Version Control Systems market. It offers two plans. One is entirely free where the first 5 active users could work upon costing $0.00.The pricing option is available on the website and the buyers have to register on the website to get a specific quote. The other AWS CodeCommit pricing plan is as follows:

Additional Users – $1.00/user/month

AWS CodeCommit Demo

The AWS Free Tier plan is available to both new and existing AWS customers indefinitely and does not expire at the end of the standard The pricing 12 months Free Tier term with no credit card required. The user may request a demo from the vendor and talk with their industry experts.


Commit, branch, and merge the code that allows maintaining control of the team’s projects. Create a repository from the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or AWS SDKs and work on them using Git.

Transfer files to and from the software with the help of HTTPS or SSH. Encrypts repositories at rest through AWS Key Management Service using customer-specific keys.

Access Control
Uses AWS Identity and Access Management to control and monitor who can access your data. Helps in monitoring repositories via AWS CloudTrail and AWS CloudWatch.

High Availability and Durability
Store repositories in Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB. Increase the availability and durability of repository data using this architecture.

Unlimited Repositories
Allows creating a number of repositories, up to 1,000 by default, and no limits upon request. Store and version any kind of file such as images and libraries alongside your code.


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AWS CodeCommit
71 Buyers Negotiating
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  • +13
    Advanced branching
  • +13
    Advanced Merging
  • +5
    Approval Process Control
  • +14
    Archiving & Retention
  • +13
    Audit Trail
  • +7
    Automate tasks
  • +8
    Centralized Version Control System
  • +6
    Client-server repository model
  • +13
  • +5
    Continuous Integration
  • +10
    Cryptographic authentication
  • +5
    Customer Service
  • +14
  • +6
    DevOps capabilities
  • +8
  • +9
    Distributed Version Control System
  • +12
    Document check-in/check-out
  • +8
    File locking
  • +6
    Fine grained permissions
  • +9
    HTTP, FTP, ssh compatible
  • -10
    Bug Tracking
  • -14
    Code Review
  • -7
    Distributed repository model
  • -14
    System Integration
  • -11
    Version Rollback

AWS CodeCommit Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 05, 2020

“Easy Integration”

AWS CodeCommit supports all Git commands and works with the existing Git tools as well. One can integrate with the development of environment plugins or continuous integration/continuous delivery systems.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020


AWS CodeCommit encrypts your files in transit and at rest automatically. It is integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) which allows you to customize user-specific access to your repositories.
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