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Bazaar USP

Bazaar Version Control Systems helps users recover data lost from deletions done by accident. It's designed to let developers view changes to local projects and view how the project history trends with time. The platform is lightning fast and doesn't use a lot of hardware resources to run on modern systems, being compatible with major operating systems.

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Bazaar Version Control Systems is an open-source version control system that lets developers collaborate on projects. From solo developers to team groups, programmers can build projects and work on them remotely across the globe. The platform is scalable and adapts to the changing requirements of enterprises ad is compatible with Windows, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and various modern operating systems. The best part about this system is that it's a decentralized revision control system and free to use for everyone, except for when making data transfers and revisions prior to them.

Bazaar Pricing

Detailed Bazaar pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the Version Control Systems market. Most software companies and vendors require users to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on exact business needs. For more details on the best Bazaar pricing plans and offers contact the vendor directly.


Bazaar Demo

Tutorials and guides about how to use the platform can be found on the official developers' website. Bazaar Version Control Systems is easy to use and the user guides teach aspiring and professional developers everything they want to know.


Active Community
This system thrives on community support and has an active user base that's constantly contributing and evolving. Lets developers collaborate on projects with each other.

Compatible on FreeBSD, Solaris, Gentoo, OS X, Fedora, Debian, Windows, Ubuntu, SUSE, and more. Features add-ons, plugins, project hosting, and custom APIS for different integration with an active community also found on IRC channels and mailing lists.

Cross-Platform User Interface
Supports cross-platform projects with a simple and extremely friendly interface along with an offline mode that lets developers work on remote servers even after getting disconnected. Supports the creation of bound branches which is exclusive to Bazaar alone also the distributed workflows make this system highly adaptable.

Collaborative and Economical
Supports 'octopus merging' and uses less disk space than Mercurial 1.3 and also lets users organize local workspaces, use shared trees, and use feature branches. Lightning fast and requires paying only for revisions applied during data transfers (it's free to use and create projects on though).


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Bazaar Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 05, 2020

“Makes Projects Interesting”

By taking a collaborative approach to projects, developers have more fun working together and building big projects
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Simple and Readily Distributable”

The user interface is simple to use and those who are familiar with modern version control systems like Git and Mercurial find switching to Bazaar to be a seamless experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What operating system does Bazaar support?

Bazaar supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Does it provide a training and support?

Details will be updated soon

Who are the typical users of Bazaar?

Generally, freelancer, startups, and enterprises use Bazaar

What is its mode of deployment?

Bazaar supports cloud-based deployment.

What are the key features of Bazaar?

Below are the key features offered by Bazaar- • Multi Location • Backup System • Access Controls • Version Control • Reporting • Tracking Features

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