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Plastic SCM
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Plastic SCM USP

Plastic SCM version control systems are not just a version management software, it is a platform with a plethora of tools and services for everyone from developers and businesses all at a low price. Allow developers to work without needing to log into a central server, without ever suffering from slow speeds or network issues. Their endless list of tools includes semantic version control, image differentiation, refractor detection, GUI, and many more tools.

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Codice version control systems is a version control and supply chain management platform that helps teams get more work done, task after task. Features designed around task branches help users focus on moving work forward and blend seamlessly with developer options. Gives users complete control to fully centralize or fully distribute all data as required, all of this fully supported by a team of experts.

Plastic SCM Pricing

Plastic SCM Pricing starts at $6.95 per user/ per month for the basic plan and goes all the way up to $23.25 per user/per month. Plastic SCM also offers a perpetual plan for the enterprise edition. Here is the Plastic SCM Pricing in detail:

  1. Cloud Edition: $6.95 per user/per month
  2. Team Edition: $9.25 per user/per month
  3. Enterprise Edition: $23.25 per user/per month
  4. Perpetual License: $595 per user

Plastic SCM Demo

Codice version control systems offer two kinds of free demos, a free personal edition for hobbyists and individuals and a free community edition for OSS and non-profit organizations. Along with this, It also has a highly detailed FAQ and a lot of other detailed information available on their website. An extremely responsive support team also helps new users set things up.


Branching and Merging
Branch fast even with huge codebases and handle merge cases that no other tool can handle. Use the built-in semantic diff and analyze refactors features to diff refactored code.

Fully Distributed or Fully Centralized
Allow developers to work without needing to log into a central server, without ever suffering from slow speeds or network issues. Switch between distributed or centralized setup, and some users can work centrally and some can use the distributed setup.

Use small server workload support for handling local repository replicas on laptops, meant for small teams. Offer high scalability workload support which is more focused on scalability workloads than performance.

Semantic Version Control
Analyze diffs to find refractors for ease of diffing and reviewing code. Parse files and calculate differences semantically, method by method, allowing the users to find the right diff every time.


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Plastic SCM
62 Buyers Negotiating
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  • +13
    Advanced branching
  • +13
    Advanced Merging
  • +5
    Continuous Integration
  • +9
    HTTP, FTP, ssh compatible
  • +11
    Mobile App
  • +11
    Version Rollback
  • +5
    Approval Process Control
  • +14
    Archiving & Retention
  • +13
    Audit Trail
  • +7
    Automate tasks
  • +10
    Bug Tracking
  • +8
    Centralized Version Control System
  • +6
    Client-server repository model
  • +14
    Code Review
  • +13
  • +10
    Cryptographic authentication
  • +5
    Customer Service
  • +14
  • +6
    DevOps capabilities
  • +8
  • -7
    Distributed repository model
  • -9
    Distributed Version Control System
  • -12
    Document check-in/check-out
  • -8
    File locking
  • -6
    Fine grained permissions
  • -5
    Lifecycle support

Plastic SCM Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 05, 2020

“Great VCS”

It is built with binary files in mind and great support for binary files, and image diff support from Gluon helps a lot
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Amazing Software for Version Control”

Automatic merge resolves most conflicts without any problems and the shelve feature saves a lot of time.
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