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FogBugz USP

FogBugz version control systems allow development teams to focus on writing code without having to waste time creating or reinventing new structures or processes. It pioneered the issue tracking and project management market and was the first commercially available bug tracking tool. It includes a strong program, allowing users to instantly search the entire contents of cases, wiki articles, and customer correspondence.

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FogBugz version control systems are building software that matters more than a race to close issues. It provides all one needs to make great software, including project management, issue tracking, and support, fused with only enough process to assist one delivery. It shows the issue and project info needed, alongside updates from integrated tools.

FogBugz Pricing

Based on your business requirements, subscription to FogBugz Pricing can vary accordingly. It provides its users four types of plans based on time period, below are the FogBugz Pricing plans provided by vendors to its users:

  1. Monthly - $75 per month per 5 users
  2. One year - $68 per month per 5 users
  3. Two years - $64 per month per 5 users
  4. Three years - $62 per month per 5 users


FogBugz Demo

FogBugz version control systems provides a 14-day free trial to its users so that users can explore the features of this software. For further details on the software, users can contact the vendor directly.


Task Management
Track projects from start to finish and stay productive with fewer meetings. Organize tasks by project, area, or team, and customize workflows to suit each of them.

Email Support
Automate replies and email triage done. Save time with templated responses.

Agile Development
Build a backlog with ease and balance work by hours or points. Allocate resources within a sprint and create Kanban boards.

Time Tracking and Smart Scheduling 
Track how much work you have left and ensure a balanced workload. Predict project completion dates and improve estimates and deliver on time.

Document Collaboration
Share technical specs, design docs, knowledge domain articles, and more, as well as create public documentation for customers
Create beautiful, complete specs and user documentation and track changes easily

Code Management and Code Review
Branch and merge with ease, and grants code security with HTTPS, SSH, and permissions. Stay on top of your code and get notified of key changes.


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  • +13
    Advanced branching
  • +13
    Advanced Merging
  • +5
    Approval Process Control
  • +13
    Audit Trail
  • +8
    Centralized Version Control System
  • +5
    Continuous Integration
  • +5
    Customer Service
  • +14
  • +6
    DevOps capabilities
  • +9
    Distributed Version Control System
  • +8
    File locking
  • +6
    Fine grained permissions
  • +5
    Lifecycle support
  • +7
    Non-linear development support
  • +12
    Periodic explicit object packing
  • +14
    Archiving & Retention
  • +7
    Automate tasks
  • +10
    Bug Tracking
  • +6
    Client-server repository model
  • +14
    Code Review
  • -13
  • -10
    Cryptographic authentication
  • -8
  • -7
    Distributed repository model
  • -12
    Document check-in/check-out
  • -9
    HTTP, FTP, ssh compatible
  • -11
    Mobile App
  • -9
    Multi-user environment
  • -14
    System Integration
  • -11
    Toolkit-based design
  • -11
    Version Rollback
  • -10
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • -12
    Windows Installation

FogBugz Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“FogBugz Search”

FogBugz includes a powerful search engine, allowing you to instantly search the complete contents of cases, wiki articles, and customer correspondence.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Issue Tracking”

Tags offer an ad hoc way to group cases and wiki articles together, allowing you to easily keep track of issues.
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