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Flyway USP

Flyway version control systems ensure easy database migrations. It has a simple set up that provides for data migrations using plain SQL and its advanced data transformations are based on Java. It reports errors and inconsistent databases or failed migrations that prevent the starting of application. It is safe for Cluster environments that is the migration of multiple machines simultaneously. It fully supports cloud databases such as Amazon RDS, Microsoft SQL Azure, Google Cloud SQL & more.

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Flyway version control systems is a versatile open-source database migration software. Its brings structure to the evolution of schema and works well across all environment. It makes the data migration process easy for developers as it uses plain SQLIt supports the most common databases that the industry uses including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Snowflake, Informix, Derby, H2 and many more.


Flyway Pricing

Flyway Pricing is in line with leading competitors in the Version Control Systems market. For the paid edition, it starts at $ 960. Based on the features and support level that clients require, it has different editions, Flyway Pricing for which is as below.

  1. Community- Free
  2. Pro- $ 960 per year per 10 schemas in production
  3. Enterprise- $ 3000 per year per 10 schemas in production

Flyway Demo

Flyway version control systems have several videos, documentation and a blog to demonstrate the concepts and features of the product. It also offers a free community edition and a free 30-day trial for its paid editions to help users get started with the system.


Uses plain SQL
Works with plain old SQL scripts by default. Allows using regular SQL statements as well as statements relying on database-specific extensions such as PL/SQL and T-SQL.

Run all migrations within transactions. Automatically rolls back the entire migration when a failure occurs and report the error. Relies on careful locking to organize concurrent migration attempts, which is important for application startup in cluster environments.

Works with every environment
Compatible with a variety of databases and can be made to run in several ways best suited for the environment. Supports the most common databases in the industry such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Derby, etc. 
Simple yet powerful
Consists of just six main methods: migrate, clean, info, validate, undo, baseline, and repair. Automatically creates metadata for all its internal bookkeeping.


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Flyway Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Works with plain SQL”

Developers struggle with database migration, Flyway helps developers by providing a tool that works with even basic knowledge of SQL.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 05, 2020


Automated database migration capability of Flyway makes the data migration process seamless for developers.
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