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Vault Version Control
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Vault Version Control USP

Vault version control systems make bug tracking easy and is a versioning control system designed for stellar performance. Besides offering seamless integrations and being compatible with multiple operating systems, Its flexible pricing options and customized plans for businesses to make using the product conveniently. Remote coding and collaboration had never been made any easier than with this software.

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Vault version control systems is a world-class version control system developed by SourceGear LLC and is designed to be scalable and adaptive to fit enterprise and various business requirements. Developers are able to make atomic commits using Vault and track changes made to projects. The best part is knowing that the local source code is stored away safely in a reliable high-quality repository that maintains data integrity. 

Vault Pricing

SourceGear has different Vault pricing plans that cater to various business requirements. Some of the most popular Vault pricing plans vary depending on the number of licenses purchases:

  1. Standard - Between $244.30 to $349.00 for each license
  2. Professional - Between $314.30 to $449.00 for each license
  3. Pro Web Only - Between $118.30 to $169 for each license

A free upgrade is included for these licenses for users who opt for annual maintenance. 

Vault Demo

Vault version control systems is free to use for a single user and also offer a free trial period. Customers are welcome to try out this software on their systems prior to buying multiple licenses for their enterprises. Training manuals and guides are included with the software that explains how to use it and feature illustrations. Demo videos are also found on the main website's gallery along with product screenshots.


Secure and Reliable
Make atomic commits to SQL Server Database and backup source code in a reliable repository. Protect data and alter IIS configurations for SSL support and minimizes network traffic and uses technology that is admin-friendly.

Tracks Changes
Keep an eye who makes changes to projects line by line and event notifications alert developers of real-time edits and commit made by teams without needing to exit their development environments. Easy to install and free to use for a single user and also supports easy migrations from Visual SourceSafe.

Cross-platform Support
Sophisticated Platform works on both Windows and Mac OS X also software cross-platform client integrates modern IDEs like Visual Studio and Eclipse. Upload large files, use File Cloak feature, and get more done, also supports integrations with third-party tools like dBForge Management Software.


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Vault Version Control
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  • +13
    Advanced branching
  • +13
    Advanced Merging
  • +5
    Approval Process Control
  • +13
    Audit Trail
  • +7
    Automate tasks
  • +10
    Bug Tracking
  • +8
    Centralized Version Control System
  • +6
    Client-server repository model
  • +13
  • +5
    Continuous Integration
  • +10
    Cryptographic authentication
  • +5
    Customer Service
  • +14
  • +6
    DevOps capabilities
  • +8
  • +7
    Distributed repository model
  • +8
    File locking
  • +9
    HTTP, FTP, ssh compatible
  • +5
    Lifecycle support
  • +11
    Mobile App
  • -14
    Archiving & Retention
  • -14
    Code Review
  • -9
    Distributed Version Control System
  • -12
    Document check-in/check-out
  • -6
    Fine grained permissions
  • -14
    System Integration
  • -11
    Toolkit-based design
  • -11
    Version Rollback
  • -10
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • -12
    Windows Installation

Vault Version Control Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Excellent Automation”

Build automation tools and fast-track projects using Vault. Coding becomes fun with Vault.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 05, 2020

“Track what teammates do”

Analyze edits and commits line by line and see changes in code history real-time. Get insights into development workflows and collaborate with other users.
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