Video Editing Software

Video editing software enables users to edit and modify video files digitally. With video editing software, users can manipulate and arrange video files to create new works. Video editing software can also provide tools for video correction and effects, audio editing and effects, colour correction, graphics, and more.

Top 10 Video Editing Software

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Adobe Spark
  3. iMovie
  4. Final Cut Pro X
  5. Windows Movie Maker
  6. DaVinci Resolve
  7. Filmora
  8. Camtasia
  9. Animoto
  10. InVideo

Market Overview

The video editing app performs post-production image processing upon completion of film development. These solutions allow users to create their video evidence in a variational format, which means that clips can be arranged in whatever format they need for their finished product. Computer tools for video production can enable the import of your raw videos. Most systems can work with a wide range of file types — as long as they're in a digital format — and will enable to transform video format when needed.

The market size of the Global Video Editing Software market is anticipated to grow to 1.2 billion by 2025, continuing to rise during the projected timeline with market growth of 4.5 per cent CAGR. A conventional video editing software consists of tools for converting file formats, re-sequencing clips, joining clips, cutting clips, adjusting or re-adjusting brightness, adding sounds, cropping and rotating footage, adding translation and adding other special effects to a video. Video editing tools lets the video pictures of a expert. This also allows them in post-production creation and processing of new videos in a multimedia file format.

Market is segregated into normal, professional, business level, cloud, and others dependent on types. Professional level video editing software will definitely retain the biggest share. It enables the video producer to reach a satisfactory level of flexibility including assistance for HDR, multicam formatting, FrameFlex, keyboard mapping, background rendering, real-time editing for professional-level video making. Furthermore, advanced editing software is often used widely in movies and tv shows.

Based on use, the demand for video editing applications is segmented into industrial, professional, and others. Since video editing software is widely used to produce Hollywood-level film, advertisements, music videos and more, commercial production is estimated to have the largest market share.

With the advent of digital video editing devices, video editing has now opened up to a larger commercial audience. Evolving digital media platforms across the globe, rising television industry and rising Internet and smartphone use are pushing companies to look for video production solutions.


The competitive leadership mapping showcased provides information for top Video Editing Software. Vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories: product offering and business strategy. Each category carries various criteria, based on which vendors have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product offerings include the breadth of offering, delivery (based on industries that the vendors cater to, deployment models and subscriptions), features/functionality, delivery, product quality and reliability, and product differentiation. The evaluation criteria considered under business strategy include geographic footprint (on the basis of geographic presence), channel strategy and fit, vision alignment, and effectiveness of growth (on the basis of innovations, partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions).


They have a strong portfolio of Video Editing software, solutions, and associated services. These vendors have been marking their presence in this market by offering highly customized and easily deployable software for their commercial clients, coupled with their robust business strategy to achieve continued growth in the market.


They have an innovative portfolio of Video Editing software solutions and services and have an extensive network of channel partners and resellers to increase the deployment of their services across various vertical markets. Over the years, the Dynamic vendors have been consistently generating positive revenue growth in the Video Editing software market and their market position is enhanced by organic and inorganic strategies undertaken by them over the period.


They have an innovative portfolio and strong potential to build strong business strategies for their business growth to be at par with the Vanguards. These vendors have been providing video editing software offerings as per their customer demands. Innovators have been forefront in deploying their solutions for niche and custom requests by their clients requiring the processing of high-performance workloads.


The emerging players are specialized in offering highly niche and tailor-made solutions and services to their clients. A majority of the emerging vendors have been undertaking multiple acquisitions and boosting their sales capabilities in various regions to offer their integrated services to a wide range of clients.

Types of Video Editing Software

Multiple solutions may have different feature sets but they often aim to achieve a similar end result. Video editing software can, nevertheless, vary marginally in the specific emphasis of each user.

Open-source software for video processing — An open-source software system ensures every consumer can change the code in that specific application. If the improvements that one user creates appear to be common with the user population, they may choose to formally incorporate such improvements into the software system concerned. Many consumers believe technical solutions for open source video editing are more robust and safe than alternatives. Often, these open-source software are mostly accessible, making them perfect choices for small companies or people who just start studying video editing.

Closed-source — Closed-source video editing software is the reverse of an open-source approach. Closed-source video editing apps are also known as internally developed video editing software. That means users will not be able to make changes to their code. These systems often include enhanced functionality of the software and enhanced customer friendliness and assistance. While open-source video editing software is continuously evolving, the performance of closed-source video editing systems generally cannot match those updates. So although closed-source video editing tools, as open-source tools, are not promised to be safe, others might be free or low cost or provide a free preview.

Why Use Video Editing Software?

To bring together the finished product, it might be tempting to submit the clips over to a qualified videographer. But there are many advantages to using video editing tools to put the final effects on the film directly. Many of the advantages that the company can derive by utilizing video editing tools are as follows.

Cost savings — It can get very pricey to employ a business to edit the film. But, to get a top-notch photo, users don't have to employ skilled services. There's even some video editing software available on the market for free. Much of these systems should also offer instructional videos.

Convenience — Along with being highly cost-effective, video editing software helps to modify the footage at your own pace. Users may edit videos on the road, or in the privacy of their own homes. Such applications can also be cloud-based, ensuring consumers are able to edit wherever, anywhere. You'll also have your clips usable anytime you need them.

Quick publishing — When the process of editing is in own hands, users are fully in control. You and the manager determine whether to remove, change or apply to. You'll also know how many editing rounds the video has to transfer. So the team is in the power of the speed with which the final video is compiled. You won't need to count on the timetable of an outside organization.

Collaboration — In addition, cloud-based video editing systems enable the editing method a level of enhanced coordination. These products let users send back and forth files with all teammates. This implies that before the finished product is accepted for publication everyone who needs to have an eye on the project will be consulted.

Organized — Graphic design can be confusing. A congested compilation of video clips you work with. Video production program takes all the raw material and organizes it right within the app.

Who Uses Video Editing Software?

Video editing software can be used by businesses in many different fields. The following are a few examples of common use cases.

Marketing professionals — Marketing managers are constantly searching for different strategies to keep their customers drawn. A short, well-edited video is a perfect way to do this. This strategy is widely employed by marketing departments on their social networking platforms. Users can use video software to create advertisements and share them on different channels to boost brand awareness. As video editing software has become more affordable and user friendly, as part of its marketing strategy, yet more teams have implemented video content. As a consequence, foundational knowledge of video production technologies is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for marketing practitioners to enter into the industry.

Content teams — Content groups often work in tandem with advertising teams to ensure that content is kept on the mark. Videos are a highly absorbable form of content that can actually enhance the brand of a business. All perfect examples are videos such as short web page clips, viral videos and product demos. This type of content is a perfect way to create the identity of your business while reminding your target audience and even entertaining it. Video is somewhat more eye-catching than the standard printed text, and video editing software will ensure that the video content in the company stands out from the rest. Videos also provide a great way to split a longer blog article.

Video production companies — A digital marketing agency obviously works every day continuously with videos. Video editing software makes sure they are capable of delivering their customers the best quality product. Video production companies are likely to work with a diverse range of clientele that requires specific content types. The videos these businesses are working on can vary from something basic like a wedding video to a big movie picture. Video editing software can be easily adapted to evolving requirements.

Market Dynamics


An increasing need for easy-to-use editing solutions that are also cost-effective

Cloud-based video editing has helped professionals to upload content remotely

Easy accessibility from any device and any location


Free editors come with basic features and functionality which can meet individuals demand. But for professional, this is not the solution


The wide availability of free editing tools which can be downloaded easily and can meet the requirements


The high penetration of smartphones around the globe


No plug-ins needed - You don't have to configure any plug-ins. Simply record the video either on a smartphone or using a digital camera and that video can be edited on desktop application 

Cost Saving - Users don't have to spend for a video editing expert's services because the software allows even beginners and newbies to easily edit videos on their computer.

Enhances video quality - The software provides the capability to convert poor quality video clips into high definition videos enhancing the resolution of the videos.

Create videos remotely - Even professionals can use basic software video editing solutions to create and modify videos remotely. People can also quickly tailor video clips to suit needs and tastes.

Add music - Add a thrilling background score to make videos more compelling. The music or an audio voiceover will make the video more appealing as it will convey the desired message.

Add effects - Make videos more intriguing by adding voiceover, emojis, altering clip order and formatting bad things.

Boosts Productivity - Besides being cost-effective and time-saving, the use of high-end video editing software can boost several folds in productivity. It's a simple deduction, it saves time, it saves hard work and it also saves a lot of money, it allows you to deploy resources elsewhere.

Video Editing Software Features

Video editing platforms include some group of functionalities that enable users to access the perfect video for their company. The following functions can be contained in the solutions for video editing.

Arrange video clips — These tools enable users to organise clips in whatever way they require. Users can make cuts and add transitions to those clips so video continues to flow smoothly from one clip to another. Users can make a copy of clips so that the entire thing is not distorted and store all editions of videos on the platform.

Audio Editing — Video editing platform allows users to boost the playback threshold, so that audience can hear clearly. These systems should give the option of editing video or audio clips as a package or as distinct functions.

Colour correction — In video productions Light does not always cooperate. Software video editing techniques can let users modify the natural light and colour combinations within a picture until they exactly fit the needs. These techniques should allow maintaining the required colour throughout a clip sequence. With these systems, users can also modify factors such as shadows and highlights.

Closed captioning — Certain solutions will allow users to add subtitles to their video. Users can edit their subtitles right inside the app, in a variety of formats and designs. These captions can usually be saved as part of the video or as an entirely different file.

Considerations while choosing the best Video Editing Software

Budget - Video editing software prices vary depending on the requirements and characteristics of particular video editing software. Learners can do that with cheaper apps while experienced video publishers can go for a strong suite. Qualified free video editing software, without spending money, could also help achieve an interesting movie. Therefore users have a wide variety of options available.

Import and Export of Video Files - Before acquiring any video editing software users need to make sure it has the ability to import and export video clips in different formats. Users will need video editing software that facilitates the formats they need to import - MP4 files or QuickTime movie file types. Even if video editing program is inexpensive or free, it is worthless because it doesn't require users to import and export clients files in different formats.

User Interface - Its interface is an essential consideration for the finest video editing software. Some editing software's provide a complicated GUI which is more challenging for newcomers to use. Easy, the user-friendly app lets everyone get the video users to want easily. However, one can consider most professional editing applications with a chockfull GUI with tools. For certain situations, users might need apps to get the best performance.

Bundled Software – Before purchasing the software one would like to consider which features are required to carry out daily tasks for video editing. Many video editing software comes with a bundle of features which might not be required and the user will end up paying more.

Special Effects - Special effects will help the user integrate their actual video with created imagery to accomplish realistic environments in an actual scenario that would be difficult or dangerous. And when looking for the right video editing tools for the projects, users need to find out what sort of special effects they are going to receive.  If you want to make a movie with lots of display transformations and pivoting, users would better go for video editing software that allows them to be flexible when it comes to special effects.

Potential Issues

This software is extremely important for any video creating company. But this doesn't mean that the app is without its issues. If users select a free video editing alternative, the odds are users won't have access to customer service of any sort. Of course, many of these solutions offer discussion boards where people can upload tips and advice with each other, but this does not correlate to having software provider support itself.

And while the paid solutions offer assistance to users, they deliver their own problems. If you are on a target and sometimes need a bit of a learning curve to understand them, such approaches can end up being pretty expensive.

Computer crash - It can happen easily particularly if one’s device is not cut out for the challenging video editing job. The remedy is to save frequently and after every set of edits and moves, users make. This ensures that you're covered even when your device is freezing.

Mismatched sound levels - When users shoot different videos in multiple places, the audio levels are destined to be a mismatch. Software for video editing lets users overcome this issue because one can change the sound rates of entire clips or fragments inside them. Users can even add audio tracks with effects and equalization.

Latest Trends

As video editing software continues to evolve, new trends have been popping up in the space. The following are a few trends one should look out for.

Chapterisation of videos — Videos are increasingly divided into different sections. This ensures that the viewer will easily test out the contents and skip ahead of the scenario they are waiting for, instead of trying to travel rapidly to a specific scene. This video chapterization is expected to be more intelligent than a typical movie menu, with scenes being allocated grammatically, rather than on length.

Mobile video editing — Users can make videos on their smartphones now. Soon, they can realize those videos to be edited on smartphones as well. Computer tools for video production work to build applications that have all the requisite functionality like the ability to incorporate special effects and title cards. This would further streamline the cycle of video creation further than ever before.

Live video editing — Live videos are indeed popular in social media. Those photos, though, still get uploaded. That will soon change. There are already a couple of apps on the market, like Lumify. Users can, for example, change the white balance or focus exposure quick and easy. We can predict to see more mainstreaming of live video editing soon.

Change of standard aspect ratios — Video editors initially had to operate with an aspect ratio of about 4:3 or 16:9 in view. But videos are frequently consumed on variable screens, kudos to mobile devices. That means conventional aspect ratios must remain in place.

Recent Developments

Jan-2019: Autodesk announced a collaboration with NVIDIA for bringing 3D animation and 6K video editing to laptops. This collaboration was aimed at helping the artists in working more interactively with their models.

Mar-2018: Adobe partnered with NVIDIA for increasing its artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. Under the partnership, both the companies have been working on optimizing the Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning (ML) framework for NVIDIA GPUs.

Jan-2019: Adobe acquired Allegorithmic, a leader in 3D editing and authoring for gaming and Entertainment Company. The acquisition helped in combining the Allegorithmic's Substance 3D design tools with creative cloud’s industry-leading imaging, video and motion graphics tools. Through this integration, Adobe gives the VFX artists, video game creators, designers and marketers in delivering the next generation of immersive experiences.

Aug-2019: Adobe announced enhancements to its Premiere Rush video editor software. With the up-gradation, the video editor would run on android devices and iOS, as well as desktops. It included the ability to speed up and slow down the clips or parts of clips.

Apr-2019: Avid released Media Composer, its flagship video editing system. The system has been redesigned and reimagined for tomorrow and today's generation of video makers.

Oct-2018: Adobe launched Premiere Rush CC, a video editing app. The app has been designed specifically for online video creators. This app has been exporting options optimized for every social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Video Editing Software

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Camtasia Video Editing Software allows users to edit videos on a professional scale. It is now a tool used by content creators, educational instructors, bloggers, businesses, and governments alike. It panders to a wide demographic as it supports multiple languages like German, English, French, Japanese, and Chinese. Users can easily create video tutorials, demo videos, meeting recordings, instructional videos, YouTube videos, and much more.
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The software is a compelling software for professionals and students to edit and enhance videos and films. It contains plenty of tools that users can employ to add effects and transitions to their footages. It aids videographers in editing VR videos with ease. Customers can make use of intelligent tools that automate mundane tasks, thereby saving time and money. Its multi-platform and format support make it scalable and agile.
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Adobe Premiere Rush video editing software aims to support daily bloggers and social media users. Easy interface and quick editing tools make it convenient for users to hover through the app easily. Features like audio separation and a constantly updated audio library for videos make it a handy companion. It also supports multi-languages. affordable pricing segments and convenient usage make it a preferable option for both amateurs and professionals.
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Spark lets people tell visually engaging stories with no technical expertise in graphics and video editing whatsoever. The Starter Pack lets users access a wide range of pre-designed templates into which they can add their media files. The Spark Gallery highlights the different projects which other creatives made using the software, and thus get inspired.
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Animaker is a DIY (Do It Yourself) video making software that allows users to explore the animation world. Because of its easy-to-use interface and wide range of special camera effects, the look of every video is extremely professional. The audio recordings, narrations, and syncing with the videos can be done so simply that one hardly needs to work much on creating these animation videos, whether it is for educational purposes or solely entertainment purposes.
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With the video editing software of Animoto, videos can be created with smooth integration and high speed. Since it can be used for free for an unlimited time period or take Animoto pricing plan, there’s no hassle for beginners. Video templates available on Animoto helps enhance the ease of making the videos faster with simplicity.
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The Avidemux Video Editing software is generally used for completing video editing in a faster manner because of its automation features. Avidemux Video Editing software consists of a few primary features like filtering, cutting, encoding, etc. Formats of videos like MPEG, MP4, AVI, DVD are supported by the app. The tools required for synchronization and editing of the audio and video are also available in the software.
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Blender video editing software free and open-source nature allows it to be perpetually updated by some of the greatest minds in technology, animation, and VFX. The list of features offered keeps growing with every new version. It is accessible to every amateur and professional looking to create 3D animation films and engaging video games. Its tools allow users to apply life-like effects with supreme ease and render outputs really fast.
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DaVinci Resolve video editing software 16 which is the latest version of the software is video-editing software that integrates video-editing, color correction, visual effects as well as audio effects in one place. On the platform, users can collaborate by uploading files into the cloud. Multiple creators and editors can work on the same file at the same time. Moreover, the introduction of the Cut page in the latest version helps streamline certain video-editing processes thus speeding up editors’ work.
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Doodly Video Editing software offers users a vast library of images, audio, and templates to transform their textual content into engaging animated videos. Users can choose to let the text flow over the video or add a voice to make a better emphasis on their topic. The ease of usage and constant support enables users to begin video creation with little to no technical expertise.
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Filmora Video Editing software is a conducive software for users looking to create impactful and creative videos with minimal effort. It possesses a unique interface that allows users to apply effects and animations with simple clicks and drag-and-drop. Because of its simple UI, the tool is perfect for amateur users with creative ideas. It is a cost-friendly software with no compromises on output quality. With a large database of effects, transitions, and animations, and easy application. Filmora video editing software is apt for users who desire to create trendy videos on-the-go.
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The video editing software is an all-in-one fully packed software. It comes with all the essentials for post-production. Third-Party support makes the app even more innovative and opens up endless possibilities. High-end features like 360° editing and VR audio run smoothly because of its optimized engine.
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HitFilm Express has a specialty that is an unlimited number of audio and video tracks can be added to a single timeline and trim them as per the requirements. With specialized effects, users can make films, business presentations, and gaming videos easily. Free to download, it is suitable for beginners and even professionals.
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The software is fully functioning and free software that allows home users to create stunning and engaging content for their channels and promotions. The simple to use application comes with an intuitive GUI that makes finding tools easy. Adding titles, background scores or audio files to sync with the visual is easy. Users can also lock-in aspect ratio or create shorter clips for social media platforms.
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The iMovie video editing software is designed for users who have no expertise in video-editing and movie-making. Users can enhance their videos using the in-built special effects, themes, and filters. They can also add personal touches to their videos using customized tools such as cast names, trailers, and studio logos. iMovie Video Editing Software makes sharing finished projects extremely easy using iCloud Drive.
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InVideo Video Editing Software offers seamless integration and faster creation of videos. The custom made templates offer new users to get better accustomed to the user interface. Users also have the option to share their work directly with various and popular social platforms. Its customer care support is responsive and finding help with any matter is easy.
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The Kapwing Video Editing software platform offers users a unique interface to author and distributes digital media content on-the-go. The platform allows users to get extremely creative with the help of its robust set of editing tools. Kapwing Video Editing software allows organizations to maximize their reach across social media and produce content collaboratively. It caters to both professional and amateur content creators, making the interface both simple and powerful at the same time. 

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Lightworks video editing software provides users with upgraded offers of professional video editing tools that are user-friendly. It ensures high quality that enhances the creativity of the video content. As a result, the output is of professional-quality. With pre-installed video templates, the work is made simpler for its users. Use the content, add visual and audio effects, and create videos to suit all the requirements.

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Magisto Video Editing software businesses provide users to get a better understanding of their target audience and create promotional videos to increase their sales. The built-in graphical insights further help teams to analyze the content and curate accordingly. The cross-channel and multi-platform sharing ensures a wider reach of the video for better promotions.
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Movie Studio video editing software allows users to learn about editing on the go with step guidance. The software also enables users to clean up their projects efficiently with the removal of black frames that will close gaps between events. The cursor position also enables specific frame selection from any point of the timeline that makes polished editing easier. Cropping out specific objects from frames is also done easily.
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The OBS is a software where your own video files can be added. The users can also select a transition of their own from the variety of transitions offered. The features that the software comes with helps to record audio and video with better clarity. The audio mixer of this particular software is also known to be the intuitive audio mixer. Here,  multiple editing can also be done with regard to texts, images, etc. The OSB studio can also telecast the game streams to social platforms like Youtube.

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The OpenShot video has access to unlimited tracks which means a lot of layers can be added for background video, watermarks, etc. It also has a provision of controlling time in case one needs to speed up or slow down a video. It is a cross-platform editing app where a video project can be saved in a single OS and then re-open it on a different one with features on all platforms.
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Pinnacle Studio Video Editing allows editors and creators to have ultimate control over their productions when it comes to fine-tuning various aspects with individual keyframes. Users also get to explore their creativity more with intuitive tools like pro-caliber that utilizes smarter color grading and MultiCam editing. 
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PowerDirector video editing software offers upgraded and user-friendly video-editing features. The Magic Movie Wizard creates professional-quality video output automatically. The Express Project functionality contains default video templates. The 360-degree footage tools can help stabilize shaky videos, zoom, and pan as well as add a range of effects. PowerDirector can meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses and individuals.
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Screencast-O-Matic is a high-quality video editing software that helps out in creating videos for the beginners and amateurs as well as professionals. It generates professional, high definition videos. Saving the files online and using them for later makes it easier for the user to access them, be it for business or educational purposes.
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ScreenFlow Video Editing software allows users to opt for multiple screens recording which allows people to place their thoughts in a synced manner. High-quality video recording allows viewers to stay engaged with the content thus gamers and vloggers find their narrative reach a wider audience. The timeline tool palette allows users to switch between cursors to navigate and select better.
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Shotcut Video Editing software is a very user-friendly video editing software that can be easily downloaded onto a computer. There is the added advantage of not having to pay a hefty price, especially for amateurs and beginners. With advanced editing tools, visual and audio effects and transitions available on the software, creating videos with Shotcut has become even easier with the new versions of the software.
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Vegas Pro features exclusive plug-ins and renders a smooth user experience. It offers industry-standard editing VSTs. From users who are just getting started with their video production journey to industry professionals, it is a one-stop solution for all. It is highly customizable and bridges user demands. The Vegas website has a customer service and community option. 

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VideoPad video editing software is known to be one of the faster and fully loaded editors which deliver quality videos. Whether the user is a professional editor or starting, they will find the user interface friendly and easy to navigate. Users can adjust the video time and speed while applying transitions.
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VideoScribe Video Editing software enables users to create explainer videos and animated videos that have become extremely easy and affordable. The software provides users with a number of different features including image and music libraries, premium images, the option to work offline, create customized characters, layouts and so on. The licensed version is available with a one-time subscription fee
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Videos became almost like internet language. As every other day it seems, and a video makes headlines. Videos made their way to company presentations, too. It appears everybody is a YouTube vlogger. Everybody today, including youth, has a clear knowledge of video editing. With so much talent at every other corner it won't be cut by an average job. Users need to choose the best video editing software that will help clients stand out and differentiate themself.
It goes without saying that paid models of video editing applications come with more functionality providing different benefits. They allow the most use of high-end equipment while providing you the ability to produce improved results, remove typical glitches, automated upgrades, greater usability and user power, etc. Free video editing software versions are not as feature-rich as the premium versions and may not be able to produce videos with as much finesse.
The major factors that are anticipated to drive the video editing software industry include high adoption of editing software by non-professional end-users, advantages of video editing on cloud platforms.
There is no clear solution anywhere, and this depends on the degree of expertise to which users apply. It also depends on the sector you think of when you ask this question. Users can most definitely consider the Ardent Television Composer Supreme in Hollywood, and other big TV studios. Ad firms, independent production studios and YouTube entertainment producers typically use the Adobe Premiere Pro CC or the Apple Final Cut Pro X. These may be used in conjunction with similar apps such as Adobe's After Effects, Motion Processing, and Visual Effects software. These are all excellent tools which can deliver high-quality results.
The leading player in video editing software market includes Autodesk, Inc., Adobe, Inc., CyberLink Corporation, Corel Corporation, Apple, Inc., Avid Technology, Inc., TechSmith Corporation, Magix Software GmbH, ArcSoft, Inc., Wondershare technology Group Co., Ltd.