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Stitcher USP

Stitcher facilitates users to create visually appealing and engaging virtual tours of indoor and outdoor locations. It allows users to shoot images and videos on almost any camera and lens, even on phones. It automates the stitching process by smartly identifying control points all on its own, which can be easily edited, saving users a lot of time. Request Stitcher Pricing to get more information.


Stitcher is a virtual tour creation software that organisations use to create simulations of walkthroughs across an existing location using images and videos. Organisations employ Stitcher to create virtual visualisation of a place with high accuracy and detail. It is used by tourism companies and marketing departments to curate attractive content of locations that can be posted on websites and social media. Stitcher can be used to stitch images and videos together to create powerful panoramas with almost any camera and lens.


Stitcher Features

Multi-format support and Auto-stitching 

  • Import and stitch images of any image or RAW format into panoramas without losing quality
  • Allow Stitcher to automatically find control points in images and stitch them into panoramas all on its own, which you easily edit, later

Live panorama and free stitching 

  • Use the Live panorama mode to create immersive tours using videos shot at different times, thus, capturing more details
  • Create great panoramas of images shot even on phone and cameras without wide angle lenses using free-stitching 

Automatic colour-corrections and motion detection

  • Obtain uniform colour, exposure and brightness across all images used for panoramas due to Stitcher’s smart algorithms 
  • Get clean panoramas that automatically compensate for moving objects that appear on two or more images

Standard and Adaptive HDR stitching

  • Get stunning panoramas of optimized HDR images with a single click of the standard HDR setting 
  • Create natural and real-looking HDR panoramas whose parameters change dynamically depending where the viewer is looking 


Stitcher Pricing 

The Stitcher pricing scheme is simple and consists of a singular package. The Stitcher pricing stands at 99€. Visit the website for detailed information.

Stitcher Demo 

Stitcher offers to its customers rich learning experiences through detailed video tutorials hosted on their website. They also offer pdfs and demo projects for users to understand its various capabilities. Users can also take advantage of the free-trial version.


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Stitcher Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Impressive panoramas”

This reasonably priced tool allows users to create beautiful panoramas with minimum expenditure of effort as the app takes care of it all, from auto-stitching to image enhancements.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 02, 2020

“Convert images and videos of any type to powerful virtual tours”

Stitcher allows users to capture images and videos in any format and using any camera and lens and converts them to beautiful walkthroughs of the highest quality.
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