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Company Overview
Following features are offered by A.ware Platform-
  • Automatic Intent Identification- It automatically identifies user intent from a natural language input through text or voice.
  • Automatic Response- The platform automatically responds to users based on user intent through a defined knowledge repository or dynamic API calls.
  • Pattern Recognition- It automatically identifies patterns of user intentions and provides granular insights to take specific actions.
  • Multi-lingual Integration- The platform makes enables to integrate with multi-lingual APIs.
  • Automatic Metadata Extraction- It extracts metadata like customer IDs, phone numbers, addresses, transaction reference numbers etc. to make API calls or enhance the context.
  • Automatic Prioritization- The platform prioritizes certain customer interactions based on sentiment, emotions, product category, and custom metadata.
  • Automatic Ticketing & Routing- It automatically creates tickets, sub tickets and routes the interaction to appropriate teams in an enterprise.

A.ware is an innovative AI Platform with deep domain knowledge to build Intelligent chatbots for enterprises. The platform is built on six different engines that use innovative core concepts- Advanced NLP, Context, Actionization, Learning, Conversations, Analytics & Insights. The platform is flexible and versatile enough that works across a range of locations - cloud, on-premise or even a hybrid of the two. It is embedded with various pre-built connectors to different channels. Moreover, the platform allows to build generative model smart bots with deep learning capabilities that minimize the need for human management over time.

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  • Web
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Compliance
  • Device connectivity
  • Diagnostics
  • Multilingual Experience
  • Multiple Device Types
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