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Company Overview

Snips enables to create custom intents, and mix them together to build a full-fledged voice assistant that will run on the device, and not in the cloud. Snips is capable to understand English, French, Spanish, German, and Korean. It is the first on-device voice platform.  It has made innovations in AI, using Deep Learning to understand what people want with high precision. Additionally, it is the first ever voice platform to run fully on small devices such as a Raspberry Pi, offering full privacy and offline capabilities.


Snips Voice Platform is a software solution to perform spoken language understanding on microprocessors typical of IoT devices. The embedded inference is fast and accurate while enforcing privacy by design, as no personal user data is ever collected. It focuses on automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding. It allows to train high-performance machine learning models that are small enough to run in real-time on small devices. Businesses or individuals, anyone can set up the Snips Platform on a single board computer (for example: a Raspberry Pi 3, an i.MX8M board, an Android or an iOS device), and install a voice assistant on it.

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