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Rubidium USP

Rubidium voice recognition software revolutionised the speech processing industry by introducing the world’s first embedded dialogue supporting speech input, output and intelligent interaction technology- Rubidium Dialogue Engine. Rubidium has developed comprehensive technological devices like Voice User Interface, Speech Compression System and Biometric Speaker Identification. Rubidium continues to lead the sector by offering an array of innovative solutions for problems in speech processing.

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Rubidium voice recognition software provides solutions for enterprises to embed voice commands and text-to-speech technology in products. Rubidium is a widely recognised innovator in the speech processing sector and its services are implemented in an array of industries including telephony, smart toys, appliances, and biometric devices. Rubidium’s technology helps enterprises in improving intuitive operation, accuracy, accessibility, security and safety. Clients are provided robust solutions that are personalised to their needs.

Rubidium Pricing

Rubidium Pricing is stated on requirement basis and there are no specific subscription plans. Rubidium team and customer support may be contacted for further negotiations and final Rubidium pricing at which the services will be provided. Users can also visit the website and request for a quote.

Rubidium Demo

A demo of all services offered by Rubidium voice recognition software is readily available via the official website. Prospective users may get in touch with Rubidium through the free demo option provided on the website. Demos related to Automatic Speech Recognition, Voice Trigger, Bluetooth, Alexa Cloud Access and BT Headset are listed and maybe availed for trial from Rubidium.


Rubidium Features

  • Voice Recognition
  • Control a vast set of functions through Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) with minimal effort and maximum safety.
  • Perform a plethora of functions and tasks such as call acceptance, voice dialling, device setup and music control.
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Select speech options from multiple languages with changeable volume, intonation depth, accent and pitch.
  • Utilise internal dictionary options to ensure optimal accuracy through correct pronunciation of words and phrases.
  • Always-On voice trigger
  • Uses an ‘always-on’ engine to continuously keep the device active and respond by saying a definite ‘magic word’.
  • Distinguish between trigger phrases and other irrelevant noises through the ASR engine in the background.
  • Compressed Speech Playback
  • Play user alerts, instructions, messages and notifications through playback of pre-recorded speech phrases and prompts.
  • Access different celebrity voices and voice personalities for specific requirements in a large set of languages.



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Rubidium Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 05, 2020


Rubidium’s systems deal with all aspects of the speech industry from input to output and analysis.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020


Since Rubidium’s technology is developed in-house, it is not dependent on third parties and is able to cater to consumer demands directly.
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