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Speech Notes
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Speech Notes USP

Speechnotes is an online notepad that uses high technology and allows the user to type by just speaking the content. They use technology like voice recognition. It is very easy to use and the user doesn’t even need to log in or register. It saves a lot of time and helps the user to think on fresh topics without any distraction. Also, the user can use key-typing as well. Request Speech Notes Pricing to get more information.


Speechnotes is an online notepad that helps the user to write down just by speaking the content out. They use smart technology like speech-recognition which helps it to give the user the perfect outputs. It helps the user to focus on his idea rather than on writing. It is a very well designed software which has helped many people out there.

Speechnotes Features

Creative Design
  • Designed very creatively, helps the user to focus on the work.
  • Stimulates the user’s mind and helps to start with fresh thoughts.
  • Allows the user to do voice-typing as well as the user can easily switch to key-typing.
  • Autosaves the document in real-time which helps in working without disturbance.
Easy to use
  • Easy to use no login, registration, installation, download required to start working on it.
  • Saves your work to Google drive so that the user need not find their work anywhere else, saves a lot of time.
High Technology
  • Uses high technology like voice-recognition, Google speech recognition.
  • Uses powerful servers and various algorithms provide accuracy.
  • Can be used on desktop, mobile as they also have an App for the same.

Speechnotes Pricing

Speechnotes Pricing is not very high; it is free for everyone for all the basic features it provides. But if the user wants advanced features then the speech notes price is Rs.365/month. Speechnotes Pricing segment is:

  1. Basic: Free
  2. Advanced: Rs.365/month

Speechnotes Demo

Speechnotes provides a written demo on their website to tell the user about how it works. Also, in the advanced version they provide the user with a video demo to explain their functionalities.


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Speech Notes
68 Buyers Negotiating
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Speech Notes Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020


Speech notes save time for all the users as the users only need to speak. Also, it gives accurate results.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Ease of use”

Speech notes is very easy software to use. Anyone can use it easily as the user just needs to open their website and start speaking. No login, registration is required.
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