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Breeze Volunteer Management Software
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Breeze Volunteer Management Software USP

It keeps track of people, groups, giving and much more. It is very affordable and cost-effective. The software keeps track of children as well. Tracks down all the donors and provides you a complete report. Events are also managed by this in every event attendance is taken and a report is provided to the host. It also manages all the data of the user. Request Breeze Volunteer Management Software Pricing to get more information.


The Software is used by several churches to manage people, manage events, and track giving and donations. The software helps the users to engage quickly with the people and lets the user communicate with those people. The software also delivers the time to time report to the host so that the host can keep a check on everything.

Breeze Pricing

Breeze pricing is very affordable. The user has to pay $50 per month for all the services they provide. Also, they give email and phone support. The Breeze pricing has no setup fees and provides free upgrades at such a minimal cost.

Breeze Demo

It provides a free demo on their official website. In Breeze pricing, It provides a demo in the form of videos, and video is available for each feature so that the user can understand all the functionalities and features.


Human Management
  • Manages all the people that are around the area, finds information about them.
  • It allows the user to add unlimited people, engages quickly with the people.

Event Management
  • Schedules all events, manages the check-ins, prints the attendance report.
  • Organize all the important events, notify the user if two events are on the same date.

Manages Data
  • Allows to easily transfer all your data into Breeze, the team can also move the user’s data and they do it for free.
  • It provides all the instructions, also helps the user to retrieve data very easily, and connects the previous computer with a new one.

Track giving and Reports
  • Tracks all the giving and also generates reports for that, manage the groups also.
  • Provide you with powerful reports that have complete information, quickly track all the donors.


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Breeze Volunteer Management Software
88 Buyers Negotiating
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Breeze Volunteer Management Software Reviews


Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 05, 2020


Breeze provides functionalities at a very low price so it is very affordable for the people because of this many people can take advantage of the software.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Rich Functions”

Breeze provides many features that help the hosts as well as the users. Also, it is very easy to use.
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