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Samaritan USP

Samaritan Volunteer Management Software provides seamless management of volunteer data alongside helping organizations with the selection process and onboarding volunteers, with superior security and compliance. The software provides facilities of integrating various applications at a single platform which facilitates effective data management and keeping track of volunteer activities along with automated reminders, reports, and surveys. The software has an inbuilt background check system that aids the organization to keep track of volunteer credentials. Request Samaritan Pricing to get more information.


Samaritan Volunteer Management Software is an out of the box volunteer management solution which provides services from Healthcare to Non-profitable organization. Samaritan with volunteering ideology helps the organization to manage massive volunteer data along with streamline selection process and seamless onboarding of volunteers. The software integrates with the various platforms to make the process seamless along with SOAP/XML web services for data transfer and management with SAML for high security and authenticity.

Samaritan Pricing

Samaritan Pricing varies based upon the organization's subscription and requirements. Samaritan Pricing starts from $4,750 per year which incorporates criminal background checking. It provides three plans: Simple, Standard, and Pro. It doesn’t provide pricing for the following plans, an organization interested in availing the services can contact the enterprise directly for the Samaritan Volunteer Management Software Pricing through phone call or website chat.

Samaritan Demo

Samaritan Volunteer Management Software provides a free demo on request by providing some details on the website. It also provides documentation and training on the website for the users to get accustomed to the interface along with the free trial.


Compatibility and Customisable
  • Function on various platforms ranging from the phone application to the windows application.
  • Customize with facilities of API and transfer data using SOAP/XML with ease.

Volunteer Management

  • Streamline the selection process by managing a massive volunteer database.
  • Aids organization to keep track of volunteers along with automatic scheduling, surveys, and reports, that helps in reminding and evaluating volunteers.

Unify Application

  • Integrate various applications to make the process seamless and highly effective.
  • Incorporate live background checks during the selection process or on-demand to check the credential of volunteers.

Security and Compliance

  • Aids in Safeguarding data and activities for organizations using encrypted files and SAML.
  • Prevent data breaches by adhering to compliances such as FISMA, ADA and section 508.


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Samaritan Reviews


James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Superior security and background check”

Samaritan aids organization to safeguard data by using encrypted files and SAML to check authenticity. Samaritan attribute of background check helps the organization to check the credentials of the volunteers with ease.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 05, 2020

“Sterling integration feature”

Samaritan provides facilities to bring attributes of other application under a single umbrella which help in seamless experiences.
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