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Citrix Web App Firewall
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NetScaler App Web App Firewall software protects web infrastructure against vicious attacks, including DDoS, SQL injection, XSS, and SSL attacks. It aids corporate IT security teams in conforming to the governmental privacy regulations and industry mandates. Apart from providing comprehensive security, the firewall is quick and easy to deploy and manage. It creates reports using a simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI). NetScaler AppFirewall is available in various platforms, such as NetScaler SDX Appliances, NetScaler ADC Platinum Edition, NetScaler MPX Enterprise Edition, and NetScaler VPX Platinum Edition. Citrix solutions and services target customers of all sizes, from small businesses to large global enterprises. Request Citrix Web App Firewall Pricing to get more information.


CITRIX Web Application Firewall (WAF) offers workspace-related solutions and services, including application virtualization, enterprise mobility management, delivery networking, and cloud. The delivery networking segment offers the NetScaler AppFirewall. NetScaler AppFirewall is available on the MPX 5500, MPX 7500, MPX 9500, MPX 10500, and MPX 12500 appliances. The CITRIX Web Application Firewall (WAF) delivery networking products enable enterprises to deliver apps and data with security, reliability, and speed. This NetScaler AppFirewall is a comprehensive, full function, FIPS-certified WAF that analyzes bidirectional traffic, including SSL-encrypted communication, to ensure protection against application layer and zero-day threats.


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Citrix Web App Firewall
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Citrix Web App Firewall Presence in Web Application Firewall Software
Citrix WAF has many partner relationships, which include cross-licensing, OEM, reselling, joint reference architectures, and other arrangements to offer better solutions to its customers. Technology giants such Microsoft, Google, and HPE continue to extend their technology relationship with Citrix to focus on a broad range of Citrix solutions. Recently, this launched the Ready program, which is a platform for 330,000 Citrix customers and 10,000 resellers. Numerous partners have proactively incorporated this products and technologies, such as Receiver, XenDesktop, XenApp, NetScaler ADC, and High Definition Experience (HDE), and Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), into their customer offerings, thereby expanding Citrix’s industry reach. The company’s license and maintenance segment contributes a major portion to its revenue, which has increased by 4.4% in 2016 as compared to 2015, but the company has not spent much on R&D. Citrix’s roadmap for 2017 includes undertaking activities such as partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions, which are expected to benefit the company’s revenue.
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