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F5 Advanced networks Web Application Firewall (WAF) Reviews & Product Details

F5 NETWORKS Overview

F5 Networks provides security, cloud, and application delivery solutions and services. The security solutions segment includes the company’s WAF. F5 Networks’ Web Application Firewall Software has expertise in layer 7 protection and bot detection, and the flexibility to cover a wide range of threats. The company’s WAF helps in mitigating vulnerabilities, such as XSS, SQL injection attacks, and sensitive data exposures. It meets compliance standards, such as PCI DSS.

F5’s Web Application Firewall Software offers a range of deployment options, from on-premises to private and public cloud deployments. It also offers other additional functionalities, including visibility into HTTP and WebSocket traffic, integration with third-party Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools, dynamic learning and site-wide behavioral analysis, geolocation and IP intelligence, proactive bot defense and client-side integrity defense, security services, and Azure Security Center integration. F5 Networks’ WAF is a cloud-based service built on the BIG-IP Application Security Manager. It offers 2 service options. The first is a Security Operations Center with 24/7 all-year-round support, and the other is an express service option, which provides fast self-service deployment of expertly maintained policies across hybrid environments. The Silverline WAF is available in a flexible licensing model with 1–3 years of subscription. F5 Networks is focusing on introducing innovations in its Herculon family of security products to overcome the everyday emerging threats.

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F5 NETWORKS Presence in Web Application Firewall Software
F5 Networks generates its revenue from the services segment, which accounts for 53% of the total revenue. Among the geographic regions, America contributes a major portion of the company’s revenue. F5 Networks has a large customer base that includes various enterprises and service providers, which are among the Fortune 1000 and Business Week Global 1000 companies. With large businesses and government organization moving toward IP-based infrastructures, This Networks is focusing on providing IP network services that ensure safe, fast, and reliable delivery of applications to the end-users, anywhere and anytime. The company also offers a complete integrated suite of application services. With the introduction of TMOS, it has upgraded its security offerings, such as Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM), Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT), and Policy Enforcement Manager (PEM), to cope with the evolving cyber threats. The company’s end-user protection services include Application Security Manager (ASM), Application Acceleration Manager (AAM), Access Policy Manager (APM), and WebSafe and MobileSafe. F5’s investment in R&D has increased to deliver new product features and functions. The company differentiating product, the BIG-IQ management platform, enables customers to apply and update consistent policies across all services from a centralized source. This Networks focuses on adopting organic growth strategies, such as product developments. Through constant product developments, the company has expanded its presence in the WAF market. It is highly active in engaging in partnerships. The company has formed strategic partnerships with various software vendors, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware. In addition to partnerships, the company has focused on acquisitions such as Defense.Net to help organizations protect web applications from DDoS attacks.

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