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Fortinet Firewalls
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FORTINET Web Application Firewall software uses advanced tools to minimize false positive detections and enhances the protection with FortiGate and FortiSandbox integrations. It also offers application protection from the top 10 OWASP listed application attacks, including XSS and SQL injection. FortiWeb can be configured on hardware, such as 100D, 400D, 600D, 1000E, 2000E, 3000E, 3010E, and 4000E, as well as on virtual machines. Additionally, the company offers FORTINET Web Application Firewall support services and training. FortiCare is available 24/7 for continuous support. Request Fortinet Firewalls Pricing to get more information.


FORTINET Web Application Firewall specializes as a security company and has progressed in the WAF market with the help of its comprehensive, high-performance web application security offerings. This Web Application Firewall is the company’s WAF that protects hosted web applications from attacks. FortiWeb defends web applications from vulnerabilities and zero-day threats through multi-layered and correlated detection carried out by behavioral scanning methods. It provides up to 20 Gbps protected WAF throughput.


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Fortinet Firewalls
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Fortinet Firewalls Presence in Web Application Firewall Software
Fortinet is a leading provider of security services. The company constantly focuses on offering its customers new and technologically advanced products and services. The company earns 80% of its revenue from its next-generation firewalls. As 90% of security breaches occur through emails, Fortinet offers enhanced security for emails through combined capabilities of technologies, including email security, Sandbox, threat intelligence, and security fabric, to protect its clients from security threats, such as zero-day attacks and phishing attacks. In January 2017, the company launched FortiOS 5.6 to empower clients with intent-based network security through its latest security fabric technology. The company is committed to innovations and has been issued more than 300 patents worldwide. In 2015, This spent a substantial amount of USD 158.1 million on R&D to support innovations for enhancing its product portfolio. Fortinet strategically follows the policy of new product launches, partnerships, and acquisitions. The company is focused on building cooperation among the key players in the WAF market by undertaking various strategic partnerships and alliances. For instance, the company has entered into agreements with major players, such as Telefonica and BT. The company has also signed a cyber-partnership agreement with the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) to share information on cyber threat intelligence. Furthermore, this has formed the Cyber Threat Alliance along with Symantec, Intel Security, and Palo Alto Networks to create a standard methodology for sharing threat information and intelligence, thereby restricting cybercrimes. The other members of this alliance are Barracuda, Eleven Paths, Reversing Labs, and Zscaler. Furthermore, the company has also partnered with agencies, such as NATO and INTERPOL, to facilitate the sharing of information on cybersecurity to combat cybercrimes.
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