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RADWARE in Web Application Firewall Software

  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1996
  • $101MN to $500MN
Company Overview
Radware’s Cloud WAF service offers an enterprise-grade WAF. It provides full risk coverage from the top 10 OWASP listed cyber-attacks, APTs, and zero-day attacks, and automatically generates policies for new applications. Additionally, the WAF uses IP-agnostic source tracking to block threats, such as web scraping, web application DDoS, and brute force attacks for password cracking and clickjacking.

The company’s AppWall Web Application Firewall Software enables organizations to fully comply with PCI DSS. Radware has a dedicated emergency response team that serves 24/7 for configuring and updating security policies and detecting, alerting, and mitigating attacks. The Radware Cloud WAF service is available in 2 packages: enterprise and enterprise premium. DDoS protection capabilities up to 1 Gbps of attack traffic are available in both the packages. Radware’s Cloud WAF service also provides customers a reporting tool to gain visibility and insights into the security threats to their assets. The AppWall WAF ensures secure and reliable delivery of critical web applications. It provides protection against web application attacks and advanced HTTP attacks. AppWall is available with various deployment modes, including reverse proxy, transparent and non-transparent, and cluster deployments.

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RADWARE Presence in Web Application Firewall Software
Radware has maintained its focus on application security and delivery across data centers and cloud environments. The company has about 10,000 customers worldwide. Radware receives the majority, nearly 69%, of its revenue from the enterprise-grade vertical. It has a worldwide reach with regional offices set up the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and APAC. Radware is highly focused on adopting inorganic growth strategies, such as partnerships and collaborations. Recently, Radware partnered with Nokia to provide the best-in-class offerings. It is also focused on adopting organic growth strategies, such as new product launches and product enhancements. Recently, the company launched the industry’s first fully managed DDoS protection for applications hosted on AWS and Azure. The company is continuously focusing on innovations for cloud and SDDC, integrative cybersecurity, encrypted internet, and cloud security services. Radware has OEM agreements with industry leaders, such as Cisco and Checkpoint.
#1 Product Features and Functionality / Professional services
#2 Product/systems / Cloud based solutions
#3 Services / Professional Services
#4 Professional services / Consulting Services
#5 Professional services / Support and Maintenance


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    All-Middle East and Africa

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