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Trustwave Secure Web Gateway
Illinois, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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Trustwave Secure Web Gateway USP

The Trustwave Web Application Firewall Software leverages its expertise in risk and compliance management with pre-built best practice controls and reports for compliance mandates, including PCI DSS. It is built on the Trustwave Architecture, which is highly scalable. It is available in multiple configurations to support the requirements of different businesses. Trustwave WAF can be configured on hardware and virtual appliances (VMware, AWS, and Microsoft Azure). These hardware and virtual appliances are deployed as sensors, managers, or standalone appliances. A few of Trustwave’s WAFs include TS151, TS250, VX15i, VX30i, AWS15i, and MA15i. Trustwave is available with 2 service options: standard support and premium support. Standard support includes email and phone support, plus maintenance updates. Premium support includes 24/7 all-year-round email and phone support, one-year hardware warranty, next-day replacement service for Trustwave WAF hardware appliance, and maintenance updates. Onsite installation, extended hardware coverage, and professional services are also available as additional standard support. Request Trustwave Secure Web Gateway Pricing to get more information.


Trustwave specializes in application security with integrated threat intelligence provided by Trustwave SpiderLabs. Trustwave WAF helps protect organizations’ mission-critical applications through advanced and continious protection. Trustwave WAF is easy to manage, as it has a centralized management dashboard. The key capability of Trustwave WAF is its real-time threat detection through bidirectional traffic analysis, automated behavioral profiling, and multiple collaborative detection engines. Different businesses have different requirements. Trustwave WAF can fulfill these requirements by setting predefined rules and customizations.


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Trustwave Secure Web Gateway
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Trustwave Secure Web Gateway Presence in Web Application Firewall Software
Trustwave has adopted effective business strategies, and the company has its geographical footprint across 95 countries. In 2016, Trustwave was recognized as the Best PCI Compliance Provider by CardNotPresent, an independent news and information portal. The company is also well known for its managed security services. Its focus is to strengthen its presence in the APAC cybersecurity and managed security services markets. Trustwave is expanding its Chicago headquarters, which is expected to support the company’s strategy of increasing the total number of employees. The company’s focus is to facilitate its current pace of growth and innovation by increasing the size of its global headquarters by 65%. One-third of Trustwave's approximately 1,700 global employees are based in Chicago. The company is adopting various organic growth strategies, such as product innovations and enhancements. Recently, Trustwave launched its Transaction Laundering Detection (TLD) service to cater to the payment service industry. Trustwave’s strategy of expanding in the key UK and Ireland markets for its managed security services is a great move toward the company’s organic growth. The company has also launched the industry’s first cloud-based secure web gateway with zero malware guarantee. Trustwave is also adopting effective inorganic growth strategies, such as partnerships with companies including e92plus and Akamai.
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