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Bluefish USP

Being one of the most lightweight web designing tools to be available under 55MB, Bluefish Web Design Software is fast, interfaces, and customizes menus and highlights syntax efficiently. There are assigned distinct toolbars, focuses basically on HTML, and supports a wide range of programming languages and unlikely to the WYSIWYG tools it offers clarified text interfaces.

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Bluefish Web Design Software is a website building software solution for the developers as well as the programmers. It holds features like GUI editing, multichannel interfacing, project support, automated restorations, in-line spell checkers and more. This open-source tool enables users with scriptwriting and text editing via markup and programming languages. It requires the smallest disk space and it is compatible with common programming languages and enables users to work multiple documents at the same time.

Bluefish Pricing

The cost of running this web designing software depends on the required Bluefish Pricing plans and charges vary. The Bluefish Pricing details are as follows:

  • B2MS Standard- $110.112/ month and $0.148/hour
  • B2S Standard-$63.984/month and $0.086/hour
  • B4MS Standard-$208.32/month and $0.28hour
  • D1V2 General-$98.952/month and $0.133/hour

Bluefish Pricing also varies according to infrastructure and software costs. 


Bluefish Demo

There are trial versions available for Bluefish Web Design Software that are absolutely free of cost. Users can sign up on the official website and get access to demo videos and tutorials, along with monthly subscriptions according to requirements. 


Allows its users for visually highlighting particular materials, provides autocompletion of manual functions. Provides help for identifying specific lines of codes, code folding is also available without losing any amount of work.

Editing Software
Supports multiple developers to work on a singular project with different systems and also provides programming language support like Java, C, or Python. Supports also the front end languages like HTML, Javascript, or CSS along with providing different text selection methods. 

Functional Integration
It provides the extending capability of the platform for involving additional features and programs. Allows the extensions and programs in terms of providing pre managed integrations and also in terms of plugins.

Ensures the protection of the application and also makes sure of the data access to safe third-party integrations. Provides tools for search functions, supports remote files, drag, and drop website building.


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Bluefish Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 05, 2020

“Easy Installation at Affordable Price”

Bluefish is a fine starter tool for the web designers to come at this space besides providing various editing tools.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Lightweight yet Comprehensive Web Design Tool”

The users are able to utilize the advanced code interfaces through wizards and this works very fast and requires minimum disk space.
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