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Blocs USP

The Blocs Web Design Software has a unique design and presentation of the visual editor. The target audience is Mac users who contribute to the benefits of the service. It gives an opportunity to create website templates that are compatible with several CMS and to save these web pages and themes. Request Blocs Pricing to get more information.


Blocs Web Design Software is a premium visual web-design software for the creation of responsive websites without writing any lines of code. The software stacks pre-defined coded blocks on an empty canvas to create quality aesthetic and functional websites for Mac OS. It offers intuitive visual styling controls respecting hierarchical structure, delivering a user-friendly design experience, without sacrificing code quality.

Blocs Pricing

The software provides a free trial version. Blocs pricing for the official version is $99.99. Users, who already own the previous version, may upgrade to a newer one with a 30% discount. Apart from the license, you need to pay for the software templates. They are available on a subscription basis. Users may choose from 3 major Blocs pricing options:

  • One Template: $49 including 1-year updates and support.
  • All Templates: $199 including future themes to be rolled out.
  • All Templates + Tutorials: $299 and include all Blocs themes and tutorials in a single Blocs pricing package.


Blocs Demo

Blocs Web Design Software is a software that is easy-to-use for a person with prior experience in this field. New users will have to opt for a demonstration. The official software website provides a video with an introduction to the working, features, and functionalities of the software. YouTube tutorials are available to get a good grasp of the basics and overall software. 


It provides a simple and comprehendible user-friendly interface for users with/without significant experience. The impetus to creative persons to create website designs and layouts with no coding language.

Local Network Preview
It allows you to preview how the site will look on different devices to a similar network on MAC. Ability to change and edit elements in the website design from the browser viewing mode

Supports HTML5
Supports HTML5 which reserves space for professional coders and web designers to create unique site layouts. It makes it possible to create information layers without dealing with databases.

Helps to create responsive and informative websites with website building. Offers paid templates from the template library for users to use and apply from.


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Blocs Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Simple Interface”

The software provides a simple user interface to build a website. The ease that the interface provides help to customize the blocs and paint the empty canvas.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020


The software provides a flexible way of styling with easy to set up and handy tools that help users customize the website as per their requirements.
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