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Homestead Websites
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Homestead Websites USP

Homestead web design software has been around for some time and has a whopping 12 million users worldwide. It has both basic tools for beginners and the advanced tools for pros. Its interface is highly interactive, keeping all the tools handy. It enables small business owners to increase their presence on the web, as well as partners with technology firms such as Google, to offer similar experiences to their customers.  Request Homestead Websites Pricing to get more information.


Homestead websites web design software is a software meant for drag and drop website creation. It offers more than 200 site templates that fit most industry needs. Each template has its display toolbar and dialog boxes providing innumerable features and options to tweak the existing settings. It uses SiteBuilder as its primary website creator. 

Homestead Websites Pricing

There is no free version or a limited free trial option in pricing plans. The plans are paid. The details of per month pricing subscriptions are as follows:

  1. Starter Plan ($7.99): One site, five pages, and toll-free support.
  2. Business Plan ($22.99): 3 sites of 5 pages each, custom domain, and toll-free support.
  3. Business Plus Plan ($62.99): Unlimited sites and pages, three domains with up to 50 email addresses and toll-free support.

Homestead Websites Demo

Homestead account can be kick-started by entering the email address on the website. Once the payment details are entered and a plan is chosen, it gives an option of selecting the preferred domain. Post this, website creation and editing can be done easily. The details of each of the tools of the software are available on the website. For users who need demo or details on the trial version can contact the vendor directly.


Basic As Well As Advanced Options
Covers its own custom elements and advanced options such as Vimeo and Youtube clips, galleries, display images, etc. It contains a custom HTML editor to allow the user to add more elements to the existing list.

Image Management
It allows the option of not only inserting multiple images but also arranging them in a custom folder structure. Facilitates image addition through links and also has a rich library offering free access to images.

Blog Management and SEO
Possesses a blog manager module using which blogs can be added to the website. Generates the URL from the name of the menu item and allows editing of meta descriptions and page titles.

Visitor Statistics
Uses real-time tracking technology to analyze the visits and clicks on the website links once published. Suggests improvement in the website content to attract more traffic.


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Homestead Websites
61 Buyers Negotiating
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Homestead Websites Reviews


Buyer, Transportation and Logistics, SME

May 05, 2020

“A Large Number of Widgets”

Besides having a large image gallery with free images, it has smoothly functioning widgets for video and image editing.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Comprehensive Tool”

Besides having all the important tools of web development, it also has additional tools such as website traffic analytics and can generate mailing lists to enhance traffic.
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