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High-fidelity are the spaces that deliver functionality and are used to build distinct and attractive prototypes. HiFi Web Design Software is a computer-based interactive manifestation which not only hive cover to UI products but also UX spaces via interactive user flow and visual terms.

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High-fidelity prototypes are the functional software spaces developed for web designers that cover from visual design details to content interactivity. HiFi Web Design Software is a content management software that serves small agencies, SMEs and comes with the end to end solutions designed for common OS. The online software offers customized templates, image editors, content libraries, interactions in one stop.

Hifi Pricing

The Hifi Pricing is in line with leading competitors in the Web Design Software market. It is set according to user basis requirements and usage cycles. Hifi Pricing is as follows:

  • Freelancer-$29
  • Start-up- $49
  • Agency-$99
  • Corporate- $199
  • The pricing for enterprises is tailored according to business needs.

Annual billing for Hifi Pricing is as  follows:

  • Freelancer-$24
  • Start-up- $40
  • Agency-$80
  • Corporate- $160
  • The pricing for enterprises is tailored according to business needs.


Hifi  Demo

The HiFi Web Design Software developers have introduced free trial versions for the users which are available on the official vendor website. There are also interactive and intuitive video tutorials available for users that are created by different user spaces.


Components and Libraries
Allows hundreds of native UI materials for OS that are entirely interactive and customizable. Generates ready-made, mix and match yet personalized templated for design prototypes and wireframes along with content blocks

Audio Effects
It offers varieties of sound effects in the library and also includes interactive animations. It allows users to upload audio files and apply play, pause, and stop interactions while triggering additional interactions. 

Video and Animated Components
Provides access to users for uploading video files or utilizing third party video components from platforms and allows users to complete control of the video-based interactions and settings. Enables the users to imply Lottie animation aftereffects and upload it to the website as a Lottie file and allows autoplay, loop, and interactions.

Versatile Containers
Creates scrollable containers at ease along with carousels while providing horizontal and vertical scrolls, scroll effects are included for any areas. Generates the re-usable containers for applying already existing content on the screen and enables users to edit and make necessary changes.


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HiFi Reviews


James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Easy Accessible Purchase”

This prototype is responsive to giving representations for stakeholders providing the clients as well as potential investors a clarification of the work process.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Real-time Saviour for web designing”

Hi-fi introduces users to have real-time experience and definitive UI elements with attractive representations. Animated transitions and also microinteractions are graphically testable.
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