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Smart Slider 3
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Smart Slider 3 USP

Smart Slider web design software is known for its intuitive interface as it gives a complete picture of all the features of the software. Not only can it add layers to the website to make it more interactive, but it also optimizes the content as per the requirements of the user. It also has a beautiful interface that makes slide creation quick as well as efficient.

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Smart Slider web design software is an advanced and well-equipped WordPress plugin for customizable slide shows. It makes possible the addition of multiple layers of images, videos, animation, and text. It is SEO optimized, fully responsive, and is compatible with every WordPress theme.

Smart Slider 3 Pricing

The Smart Slider pricing is based on the features it provides. Accordingly, it has both free and paid versions. The free version can be downloaded from the website. It comes with limited features only. The pricing details for the paid versions are as follows:

  1. Single Domain ($35): For one site only.
  2. Business ($150): For 10 sites only.
  3. Unlimited ($250): For unlimited sites.

Smart Slider 3 Demo

The detailed demos in the form of pictures and text for each and every tool and feature are available on its website. The video demos are also freely available on various platforms such as YouTube. 


Real-Time Slide Editor
Supplies an intuitive interface with all the features for efficient and crisp slide creation. It provides complete freedom to build the slide in whichever manner required as it has a flexible image and video editor.

Unique Layouts With Layers
Makes a website more unique and grandiose by adding layers to enhance the slider. Facilitates simple editing of all the images, headings, text, video, etc. through its customization options.

Dynamic Content Generation
Generates sliders from internal as well as external sources giving the user a wide array of choices to prepare the content. Adds dynamic content from several platforms to the slider such as YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

Responsive and Mobile Ready Sliders
Alters the slider mode and optimizes the content resolution as per the requirements. Works in any environment whether it’s a mobile or a tablet by adjusting to the device specifications.


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Smart Slider 3
76 Buyers Negotiating
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Smart Slider 3 Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“A Versatile Software”

Smart Slider has the capability of producing multi-layered slides and still provide innumerable editing and formatting options. It works very smoothly as well.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020


Despite the number of features it has, Smart Slider is quite user-friendly. One does not face much of a problem. Moreover, it works just as well on a mobile phone which makes it a useful software.
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