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Amaya USP

Amaya Web Design Software USP is its ability to display and edit multiple documents at the same time on the web. It allows users to build web pages from scratch or copy and paste content from existing sources. Amaya supports HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, MathML, and SVG in an integrated manner and is comparatively easy to use and learn.

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Amaya Web Design Software is open-source software that lets users directly edit the content on the web. It comes with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It was originally designed as a structured text editor and was later on converted to HTML and CSS editor. It was developed by the World Wide Web (W3C) as a practical tool as well as to serve as a testbed for W3C ideas. 

Amaya Pricing

Detailed Amaya pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the Web Design Software market. Most software companies and vendors require users to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on exact business needs. For more details on the best Amaya pricing plans and offers contact the vendor directly.

Amaya Demo

Amaya Web Design Software can be downloaded free from the W3C Web site. It has a free version of its open-source software which means that the software developers can extend its capabilities by adding or modifying codes or fixing bugs.


Let users browse and author Web pages
It allows users to create and upload web pages onto a server. Integrates browsing and editing functions in a single platform.

Maintains a consistent internal document model
Represents the document internally in a well-structured way adhering to Document Type Definition (DTD). Displays the actual structure of the document being edited and displays it in a separate window for the user to see at the same time as the formatted view.

Ability to work on several documents at a time
It can work on several HTML, native MathML, and SVG documents at the same time. It can simultaneously act as a browser and editor on all the documents.

Helps authors create hypertext links
Helps in creating and texting out links to other documents on the Web from the document currently worked upon. Enables viewing of the links to interpret the interconnection of information.


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Amaya Reviews


James Smith

May 13, 2020

“Easy to use”

Amaya has a WYSIWYG authoring, which makes it easy to use and learn. It provides a convenient way to manage HTML pages without any need to know HTML coding.
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Buyer, Ecommerce

May 13, 2020

“A single tool for editing and browsing”

Amaya allows browsing and editing of the websites in real-time, without having to leave the site offline. The software pricing is average.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What operating system does Amaya support?

Amaya supports Windows, MAC, AND Linux OS

Does it provide a training and support?

Details will be updated soon

Who are the typical users of Amaya ?

Amaya has the following typical customers: Freelancer, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

What is its mode of deployment?

Amaya has web-based deployment.

What are the key features of Amaya ?

• Open-source software • WYSIWYG editor • HTML and CSS editor • Collaborative Annotation Application

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